By Stoopid - 07/07/2009 17:25 - United States

Today, I came home to find a BMW partially blocking my driveway. I was already having a bad day, and was upset that some stuck up fool blocked my driveway, so I keyed the driver's side. 5 minutes later my parents show up. The BMW was a graduation gift for me. FML
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WOW!! you're stupid...even if it wasn't yours, you shouldn't have done that, you're just rude!! YDI x 100!!

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What an overreaction o_O


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This is why we need Billy Mays alive to pitch Fix It! from the good folks at Simoniz which uses 3 easy steps to remove those nasty car scratches.

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hahahahahaa to OP: thats why its better not to take revenge

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R.i.P Billy Mays :(

Damn what a little brat. My Ferrari got keyed in a parking lot the other day. That's a bigger problem than yours. And I worked for my cars including my first car. Consider yourself lucky. Brat.

kyle_kbo20 0

yesterday i keyed this Ferrari...the so diserved it.

hahaaha #131

americayay 0

Yes, it does suck that he's such a spoiled jackass.

easylazy 0

Don't you think the guy would know who keyed his car if it was right in front of your house (in the circumstance where it was not your car, which is what you thought happened)? Besides being spoiled, obnoxious, and a jackass, you're also pretty damn retarded

mylifeisfedddddd 0

u wish u had a ferrari

No. I know I have a Ferrari. That I worked my ass off to get so STFU!

This sounds like the urban legend that goes...... This husband who drives a cement truck comes home for lunch on his birthday without telling his wife. When he gets there he sees a brand new red convertible in the drive way. He peeks in the window and sees his wife laughing and talking to a man inside. Filled with jealousy and convinced she's having and affair with the man, he backs up the cement truck and fills the red convertible with cement. The wife hears this and she and the man come running out. She screams at him, "What are you doing? I just bought this convertible from this salesmen for you for your birthday, I was going to surprise you when you got home!" hmmmmmm......

I have a ferrari too. It did not get keyed. I also worked extremely hard at getting it. I am rich.

please die. this is the worst story ever. how would a cement truck driver's wife ever afford much less want a ferrari?

Where does the story say its a Ferrari? I suggest going back to school if you can't read.

LOL, since when did owning a Ferrari equal wealth? For all I know you could've had taken a loan and used your entire life savings for it.


tdawgheath 0

You sir, are my hero. I bet rich boy there just inherited all his money from his dead parents and now thinks that counts as working for it.

stop bragging that u have a Ferrari ok it's a cool car the world knows that but u don't need to rub it in everyones face. oh waa waa waa someone keyed your car. if you can afford that I think you can afford to have someone buff out a scratch or just do it yourself

why don't you stop bragging about having a ******* ferrari!!!

PYLrulz 17

Wow. Congrats. You overpaid by a few hundred thousand dollars for a sports car. Congrats asshole! STFU

zachhile 0

they said red convertable not Ferrari

39- hahahahaha I miss Billy Mays :(

173 - Couldn't have put it better myself. Really OP, you just got a free BMW (even if it is keyed) your life is far from ******. You are a spoiled brat and a blight on society. Key yourself in the face next time, eh?

this is funny, cause your acting like a big shot with the picture of the Ferrari. you should check the source of the images you use. that picture was taken in Spain by a English photographer.

SittingInTheSky 6

#234- you are a motherfucking dickshit.

ImFrackinBored 13

Don't key shit...

tweetbaby14 18

Shut the hell up, you big phony.

Id be pissed if some one keyed my 1965 gto. Who gives a hoot about your ferrari

Can you not read? #127 said Ferrari. Please, let me know when can pass a primary school English test.

I believe there is a button for that sir

xlol_fml 0

What an overreaction o_O

Shadow1368 17

that's unfortunate.

uffiewuffie 0

YDI. But you don't deserve that car.

The OP needs to get a grip on life because in the end you would have to pay for the door you keyed so why a douche bag if it's someone elses car.You don't deserve the BMW

Idk if some one was blocking me from getting out I my house I'd get my friends and role the car over. I always get idiot tourist in my town it's really annoying and idiots get their stuff wrecked by the people they bother

It makes me sad knowing there are so many people in the world that think this way... 446

kateisbored 0

That's no FML. You got a BMW dude!!!

mojomojo_fml 5

Exactly, what a spoiled little rich beeyotch. "Waaaah, Starbucks put too much caramel in my Mocachino, now this BMWs in my way. Waaahh! I'm gonna key it, 'cause my rich daddy owns the whole street! Oh, it's MY BMW? WAAAAH!!! I wanted a Bentley. FML"

sophie1070 0

LOL that was really hillarious.. and yes, you're right. stupid spoiled brat!

graciegirl 0

i don't think you should jump to calling him a spoiled brat-- he obviously didn't expect or ask for a bmw, and it's not his fault if his parents make a lot of money. you could call him someone very inconsiderate with anger issues, though. and i personally don't think it's right to drive around in cars like that. just imagine being some poor dad who lives in a rowhome who has to worry if he can put food on the table, and seeing some wasteful rich guy speeds by in his flashy bmw. that can't make you feel good. and besides, it's like a prep-mobile

I disagree. There's nothing morally wrong about driving an expensive car if you earned the money you paid for it. It's not as if the car just falls into your lap; you have to produce a product or service of equivalent value. And if you've done that, you have every right to drive that car. Just because it might make someone else feel bad about themselves doesn't mean it's wrong for you to own it. If the guy you drive past chooses to be upset about it, that's his problem. He hasn't earned the car. You have. And it's not "wasteful" if it has value to you. It's simply not fair or feasible for everyone to restrict themselves, in the material sense, to the lowest common denominator. I can't have a nice car because a poor dad can't have one? I guess that poor dad can't have that rowhome, because it might upset a homeless person. People ought to be allowed to own the things they've paid for without being treated as if they are morally bankrupt. I do agree with your first comment, however. There wasn't enough evidence to call him a "spoiled brat." Inconsiderate with anger issues, yes.

But he didn't earn the car himself, he got it as a present. He seems to be a spoiled brat - who would key a car of someone else? Only idiots do!

There are also used BMWs. They have excellent safety systems, among other reasons for buying them aside from just trying to show off to people.

do you eat food every day? do you feel bad about it because kids all over the world don't? do you feel bad that people don't have the internet and you're using it to post stupid shit like this? you're a ******* moron...please die.

noName123456 0

While moderating FML's i saw one that said "Today was my 16th birthday and I asked for a black mercedes, this morning my dad told me to go outside and 'Get the paper' when I came back there was a green mercedes sitting in my driveway FML." now that guy is definetly a spoiled asshole, this kid on the other hand he may or may not be, depends.

So there should be no reward for working hard?

209, even if his parents are loaded he's still a spoiled brat. many kids with rich parents still have to EARN the money for their car, because they aren't spoiled. this kid gets a free one as a gift because he IS spoiled. and he's a brat because he thinks he can go and key "someone else's" car because it's blocking his driveway.

iselinzilla 4

Spoiled brat? Yes you could call him that. I would call him a vandal. He destroyed the paint on a car because he felt entitled to. If you try to argue with that sentence, tell me where you live and I'll come over and destroy your belongings because I am entitled. If it was MY car and I saw someone keying it I would fill the scratches with blood from their face.

Thats an awesome idea #408!!!!!

It's not right to drive around in an expensive car? What?

I think the fact that their parents bought them a BMW showed that they're spoiled. I mean, I was pretty spoiled as a kid, and never had my parents buy me anything that cost even 1/10 of the cost of a used BMW, let alone a new one.

NGM_47 0

WOW!! you're stupid...even if it wasn't yours, you shouldn't have done that, you're just rude!! YDI x 100!!

TorturedXeno 27

Whaddya know, another FML that deserves no sympathy.

X 10000000000

to be fair, his rudeness showed that he's "worthy" and the "right" person to be driving a BMW...

janefrom1979 0

you must have had a really bad day. :[ at least you got a new car. =D

"How would you feel if someone did that to your car?" LOL didn't you read the FML? It happened to his car (granted he did it himself.....)

AndelleRae 9

I'm sure they read the FML. The fact of the matter is that when the OP was keying said car, he didn't know it was his. Ergo the question, "How would you feel if someone did that to your car?" Being a douchebag and keying your own car is different than doing it to a stranger. OP, You're a jackass. YDI

i'm pretty sure he knows how it feels to have someone do that to your car now

Amanyyyyyy 29

#60- He keyed the car. That's it. Still a new car, still his, and it still works exactly like a car that isn't keyed would.

I hope this teaches you to be less of an asshole in the future.

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I can only give you a thumbs up once or I would do it endlessly!:). who the heck thinks its okay to key a car regardless of who's it is?!?

i tought the same. OP DI x1000

I hope your parents fix the paint and keep it for themselves. YDI for taking your anger out on what you thought was a stranger's car.

I wouldn't put it past the OP to say that it had already been keyed when he got home rather than taking responsibility for his own actions. This FML might be the only chance his parents have of finding out it was their son who keyed his new car rather than a stranger.

that's karma 4 u, bitch! MwAHAHAHA

i agree with number 4!

then +1 it and dont write a new comment

then ignore that comment and don't create a new one ?

Sorry but YDI.. at least you got a new car?

LMAO At least you got a BMW