By ManderDander - 05/09/2015 18:48 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my boyfriend was putting baby powder on my bare ass, when his dad walked into the room, casually set a laundry basket next to the bed, and walked out like nothing happened. FML
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And you were letting him because?

As far as he would like to know, nothing did happen


And you were letting him because?

kinky role play? that's my guess xD (daddy role play is actually pretty common in the bdsm society). My other guess is, because she had a burn there? But if that's the case why would her bf do it instead of her.

Jamaican ritual before sex. Powder that ass!

Maybe she had some serious ***** and her ass hurt... Baby powder calms the pain on your ass after a day of crapping. That or I'm going with what other have said and will assume it was used for role play.

maybe her butt hole was just infected

Or she just had a rash?

From all that anal plundering goin' on....

Or maybe they wanted to see if she can make a puff of dust when she farts ...

As far as he would like to know, nothing did happen

Methinks it might be a good idea for the door to be closed and locked next time. Either way, that's just bad luck. FYL, OP.

This is why you lock the door.

Lock the door next time

surprised this got published. would you like your boy-fried or grilled?

don't know why this got buried its actually pretty funny ha!

I'm honestly thinking that's how I would handle it too. I mean what's he gonna do lebron you?

Is there a good reason as to why he was putting baby powder on your ass?

Maybe your dad doesn't care OP?

LuckBeNimble 19

not her dad, her BFs dad.

#20 your profile picture fits your reply xD

What reaction did you expect?