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  micahdunk  |  13

26- Yeah but then you might get arrested for assault. I would rather just scream at her, throw a few cuss words, and hope she feels guilty. Other than that you really cant change what happened so why risk taken a ride in the back of the police car?

  RaggleFrock  |  13

This is the way it played out in my head:
Op: I wanted that bus!
Bus bitch: nevermind ;)
Op hijacks a car runs over the bus lady and 3 tourists, then goes home.

Just another day in Vice City

  SpicyDuck  |  22

She shouldn't have to ask other people. She should have enough common sense to know that other people are using the bus stop and it's only acceptable if she was the only one there.

  vencku  |  13

I do that. If the tram doesn't stop, I miss my train. So then I just walk. Even if I were to get the next tram, I'd have to wait at the station for said connection anyway. Might as well spend that hour with some healthy excercise. Saves me a tram fare too.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

I'd like to be able to walk to my destination, but being a cripple on crutches pretty much means I'm stuck where I'm at until I either call a cab or the next bus comes (my father drops me off at the bus stop that has a bus that drops me off in front of my physiotherapist's office, and I cab back home after - it's either $3 on the bus or $17 in cab fare. I'd prefer not to have to spend that amount twice.) And the buses in my region are notorious for being late (or flat out not existing, the 217 line is a bus that I have NEVER seen when I want to take it, but appears frequently if you are in a car going somewhere else).

By  Roevera  |  14

Why would the bus just listen to her? Unless you both were the only ones there, and standing really close to each other, making it look like you were both together.. Then he should have stopped. Eitherway the woman is a bitch.