By frozensolid - 24/01/2013 21:25 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I waited over 30 minutes in freezing cold weather for my bus. When it finally arrived, I went to get on board, but slipped and fell on the icy ground. The driver waited a whole 2 seconds before snorting, "Ain't nobody got time for this shit", closing the doors, and driving off. FML
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You should call and complain about him...that's just rude

"Ain't nobody got time fo dat!" - broke black lady with a burnt down apartment


You should call and complain about him...that's just rude


Well the driver wasnt THAT rude, he waited a whole TWO seconds! How polite! Nah he was a dick.

I thought Canadians were nice eh? Canada eh

Seriously complain about that OP. Asshole bus drivers are the worst.

Opheliac73 8

That's so cold-hearted! Icy no reason for him to be like that. You should go tell on him and get him bus-ted.

#2- that's what she said! *looks around waiting for reaction then slowly recedes back into my cave*

tsk14 9

Shouldn't be that hard to swallow haha

*waves pitchfork at 96* And stay in there!

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syley 5

If you think jerks are cool might I inquire on your thoughts about people who are worse than jerks, such as dictators, terrorists, etc.

I don't usually consider bus drivers who ditch me, or anyone else, in the cold as "damn cool."

SerenaSerenadex3 13

You two must be related; it seems as if you have the same douchebag gene.

In all fairness imagine working as a bus driver...It seems like it would be hard to have a good day.

Laurenluvz 11

38, Well honestly, if you can't handle doing something as easy as waiting a few extra minutes to allow someone to get back on their feet after being hurt, I don't think anyone who is incapable to do is is really qualified to be a bus driver (in my opinion). I've seen drivers handle extremely difficult situations that are nothing compared to this.

Did you mean "damn cold" instead of cool?

I think you mean "damn cold"--as in cold-hearted. And I had to double-check to see that OP is NOT in DC and therefore was not trying to catch a Metrobus. And OP, I hope you got the bus number and can complain about what a total schmuck that driver is. But if the bus system in your area is anything like ours, it won't do a whole lot of good.

"Ain't nobody got time fo dat!" - broke black lady with a burnt down apartment

BigShOtz07 5

Went to the cellar to get me a COL' POP!

lVluse 15

"I ran outside, I didn't get no shoes or nothin'"

eccentricchic 5

Eat a fat one and choke mr. Mizzou bound people who laugh at others misfortune are miserable self loathing freaks guess misery truly does love company smh

eccentricchic 5

Wow that was fast , so basically ppl can be openly racist and disgustingly insensitive to others economical / social status but my comment is removed b/c I find the above mentioned offensive. The irony of this is too much this is an fml if I ever saw one.... Bite me fml and maggot brained moron who thought his comment was funny

Laurenluvz 11

People are honestly just saying every word she says now. I can see "Y'all need Jesus/I got bronchitis/etc" being reasonable.. But quoting every word she says...

So 60, what you're saying is "ain't nobody got time for that shit"?

This is completely pointless and off subject...but hello #5, I go to Mizzou. The school is okay but Columbia sucks ass.

Lasagnaa 24

I thought somebody was bah-bee-que-in!!

witchdoctor1 9

"I was like oh lawd jeezus it's a farh!"

maybe the driver was on the way to go get himself a cold pop

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knoxxx 22

@60 Actually, OP did run fo their life so it's a reasonable reference.

Most are, but just like everywhere else, people are rude.

KeannaLove 32

I used to live in Vermont and I never once met a Canadian that was pleasant. I'm sure in the western part they're nice but most definitely not Quebec.

Oh, if you met Quebecers, I definitely feel for you. I live in Ontario and was a third class citizen in Kaybec.

pour 32 et 72.... Je suis Québécois, et fièrement. tout changement est très lent à percevoir ici, je vous l'accorde. Les gens du Québec sont fiers, très attachés à leurs traditions et à la supposée supériorité de l'archétype du Québecois pure laine. Si vous avez l'occasion de discuter avec des Québécois de moins de 30 ans, votre idée des gens d'ici changera, j'en suis confiant. les esprits s'ouvrent, les nôtres se font accueillants... par contre les jurons sont toujours omniprésents, tabarnaque...

Come to B.C! We're friendly over here :D

I live in Quebec, and I'm hardly what you'd call an unfriendly person. I'm an Anglo living in Quebec, and I have best friends in both languages. I also used to go shopping in Vermont, and was never rude to anyone. My parents had a summer home in upstate NY, I spent plenty of time in the States, and the only people who were rude to me were this crazy evangelical family that didn't like me because I'd never been to church. Are there rude people in Quebec? Of course there are. There are rude people everywhere. But like everywhere, if you act like an entitled asshole, people will treat you like you're an entitled asshole - which is why you get Anglos treating some Francophones like crap, and vice versa. It's less apparent in the younger generations - I went to an English CEGEP and my entire circle of friends was Francophone. One of my best friends lives outside of Quebec city, she learned to speak English from reading BATMAN COMICS, and she writes in English better than some English majors I know. In other words, unfair generalization is unfair. Assholes are a universal problem.

Says the guy with the stereotypical/insulting pro-canada profile picture.

Hey, 115, that's a joke, dude. I believe someone mocked that up shortly after George W. Bush was "reelected" president. The green part is comprised of the states that voted for John Kerry, plus Canada. The red is comprised of the states that voted for Dubya.

patacus 14

you've obviously never had to work retail in upstate ny. quebecers are the absolute worst. and for some reason id say 6 out of 10 of them always question the price *points at the clearly marked price tag* is this zee price? you give me zee deescount? oh and id say 9 out of 10 of them raise their hand/finger (and sometimes snap at you like a dog) when they want help. rather than just saying "excuse me, can you help me please?" >_<

Wow, i live in Manitoba as well i would really love to know what bus this was as i use transit everyday to get to and from work.

WolfAtTheDoor 7

Yes, OP...I'm sure the driver wasn't referring to your brutal and painful accident, but instead, has Bron-KITE-us! In all seriousness though, what a douchebag. Better luck next time, hope you're able to complain on him.

Angelrose2004 17

I totally don't get this. Is "bron-KITE-us" supposed to be a pun or something?

Laurenluvz 11

I'm not sure.. I'm guessing its some way to avoid completely spelling bronchitis? Though its not even that difficult to spell..

It's a reference to a YouTube video about a woman named sweet brown...look it up before you press thumbs down. The comment makes sense if you understand the reference.

LiterOfCola 16
LiterOfCola 16

I just like the irony haha no big deal though

WolfAtTheDoor 7

Thank you, redpanda, that's exactly it. I can spell bronchitis just fine--it was meant to be spelled the way it was pronounced in the video. Sorry for the confusion.

If you were just sitting there, YDI. However, if you were trying to get up, he's a jerk for not waiting.

I did. She said he waited a whole two seconds. That's enough time to start getting up.

She sat on the ground holding her knee, moaning for five minutes like when they fall in family guy, duh! Aint nobody got time for that..

Laurenluvz 11

#27, You clearly haven't slipped and hurt yourself. It's happened to me before. I went ice skating once and it resulted in me not being able to feel my leg for about 5 minutes since my foot bent the wrong way. I had to have people help me up. You don't know how severely OP was hurt. OP didn't really deserve it. The driver was just being an impatient crybaby in my opinion.

dmoran20 27

Reading is fundamental #11, but obviously you don't have time for that...

crazytwinsmom 25
crazytwinsmom 25

In all fairness to 11, maybe "I went to get on board, but slipped and fell" means something different (still sitting on the bench?) in her culture.

Have you ever slipped and fallen on icy or wet ground, #27? It's not a lot of fun, believe me. And it takes more than two seconds to gather yourself and get up so you go on with what you were doing.

That sucks and was probably pretty embarrassing. You should call the bus company and complain. Then he'll "got time for that."

one of the rare times that saying "then He'll got time for that" is hilarious and appropriate