By shaft2112 - 03/12/2015 20:19 - Germany - Emsdetten

Today, I was walking on my crutches towards the bus through the rain. The bus driver looked into my eyes, punching the button to close the doors while I was still a few meters away. As he drove off, he kept his eyes on me, while I had to wait for another 15 minutes for the next bus in the rain. FML
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I'd make a complaint to the bus company, that driver was just being a dick.

Let the company know because that's bullshit.


Let the company know because that's bullshit.

i have no idea if this would have worked where this guy lives but when i was very young a similar thing happened to my mom though without the rain. her solution was to call a cab and hand the bill to the bus company.

yeah, in Germany there's ways to find out who that driver was. The company will have a "nice" talk with him.

I'd make a complaint to the bus company, that driver was just being a dick.

He's a complete asshole OP, I'm sorry.

Ugh, why do people act like that? Sorry OP, I hope he gets his karma three fold

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I'm so sorry OP. What a dick move.

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That wouldn’t have helped, as it still would take OP the same amount of time to walk to the bus.

True, but he would have arrived at the bus stop 5 minutes earlier than he did and not missed the bus. Versus leaving home when he did and missed the bus?

OP doesn't say this is the morning, they could have just left work "Sorry boss can I leave early in case the bus driver's an asshole?" isn't really gonna cut it.

Right as you may be, if that was the case they could have a little at work then left and caught the next bus. the buses are 15 mins apart. not like an hour. I think the real problem here was being left out in the rain. which is probably why they didn't leave early.

#6 Also why should OP have to rearrange his schedule because that bus driver decided to be an asshole.

At the risk of being banned for a week again, I offer a different view. Why should the bus driver force everyone else on the bus to change their schedules for one person who can't sort out their own life?

What are you talking about #31? OP didn't miss the bus, the bus driver was an ass, stared at him while he was approaching the bus, closed the door, and continued to stare at him as he drove away. Now it would be different if he was half a block away and saw the boss leaving and the driver stared while he drove by. And I feel the other people on the boss could afford to wait maybe two minutes for OP to get on.

It'd be a different story if the guy was pretty far away and could see the bus pull away, but here, he was only a few meters from it-that'd be changing other peoples' schedules by about ten seconds. Not a big deal, in my opinion.

#31, I'm actually curious. why did you get banned?

I've had drivers leave early and leave me and 2 Young kids stranded in torrential downpours. (Bus was virtually empty so space wasn't a problem). He even watched me run up the road and pulled away as I got to the door. Sometimes drivers are assholes,

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I hope you saw the bus number so you can report this. Either way fyl indeed.

Why would someone do that?! Did you put spiders in his shirt in the past or something? Definitely report that, that situation is total crap!

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Complaining to the company could get the driver a warning, which could stop him from doing that to other people in the future.