By Anonymous - 11/02/2011 03:21 - China

Today, I woke up to a repairman at my door who was simply supposed to turn my water back on in my apartment. Two hours and 5 repairmen later, all I have now is a large hole in my ceiling. Still no water. FML
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I once saw a porno that started like that

why on every single one there are you totally deserved it... I don't see how this is deserved at all.


1st! that aucks

I guess they're not very good at layin pipe.

I once saw a porno that started like that

free hole in the ceiling woo such a win!!!!

Hmmm, something is going on here.... or should I say there

Naahh they are just installing a skylight... SURPRISE!!!!!!

Show them some serious Titty and Kitty and put out, just to show them you care...

umm no you cAnt there is something else wrong if he's doing that

I hope you didn't pay them -_-