By BW - 03/01/2010 16:04 - United States

Today, I woke up on the coldest morning of the year to discover that the gas fireplace has run out of propane, and there is no water because the pipes are frozen. While trying to locate the frozen pipe, I forgot to let the dog out, and she peed on the carpet. FML
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In places where natural gas isn't a common thing many people call propane fireplaces gas fireplaces. Even in places where its not a bitch to get a gas line put in, people will refer to a propane fireplace as a gas fireplace on occasion.


Well, you're only 3 days into the year....So not really a big deal. But unlucky.

@#1 dont just say first ya douchebag actually comment

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dang, that sucks for you dude.

I feel ur pain I used to live in Indiana..

what idiot moderated this? omg u have to clean dog pee. bet you probably never thought that'd happen when u got a dog!

@#3 dont just complain about #1 saying first ya douchebag actually comment

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@ #9 don't complain about number 3 who is complaining about number 1 and comment

YDI for being a bitch letting your dog stay out in such a cold weather. And YOU #10! Don't complain about #9 who is complaining about #3 who is complaining about #1 and actually write something.

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@#3. best. show. ever. nuff said.

This is kinda of both, cause first he should have let the dog out, and fyourlife cause the dog pee, the frozen pipes.