By SeverelyAnnoyed / Thursday 31 March 2016 17:53 / Netherlands
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  lexos  |  16

You can always try, the crow will probably die if you do nothing. If the crow dies it will start to rot and ops apartment will start to smell horrible

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Or call the cops and blame the owner for leaving it and not getting it out and taking care of the apartment like he's supposed to. Isn't it a breach of contract or something seeing as their the owner/landlord?

  dbt88  |  15

Contract breeches are all civil matters. Almost anything landlord-tenant is civil which has to be taken up in court if they won't "settle" outside. Police are for criminal matters.

  cacheson  |  39

They may mean 9 hours since it started. If they went to work and came home and it was still making noise, then the timeline could make it 9 hours without them having had to deal with it for that long. Plus, they had been trying to contact the landlord, likely hoping that they would call animal control.

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