By Sack - 10/11/2011 11:16 - United Kingdom

Today, I sat on the toilet and fell off as the broken toilet seat slid off. As I fell, I grabbed the light cord in an effort to stop myself, and pulled it out of the ceiling. Now I can't use the toilet, and have to shower in the dark. FML
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That sounds like a shi- *gets shot*

I wonder how the toilet seat broke in the first place...


Flashlight time!

Why would you use the toilet if you knew the seat was broken...?

xmayne 0

Showering in the dark is fun.

leogirl95 12

Nothing is going right for you today is it? Lol

Showering in the dark is as scary as seeing your obese parents pound rolls of fat together in an attempt to make love. It's like two beached whales fighting for their lives.

Be happy OP, now nobody can see what you really do in the shower.

KiddNYC1O 20

33- I'd be worried about sharks...

StephanieeeQ 6

Showering in the dark isn't a bad thing. ;D

MuchDance90s 0

Plumber. Electrician. That's a very expensive "Free" camping experience. How fun for you! :-(

Jdimp 1

ehh not that bad. just check around before u get in that shower... something may be behind you

That sounds like a shi- *gets shot*

leadman1989 15

Who dunnit? *looks around accusingly

*points toward a guy wearing a scream mask*

That's shitty

Already used a post above you lol

Torva_fml 16

That's..... Not creative.

I wonder how the toilet seat broke in the first place...

cptmorgan6 8

Explosive diarrhea :O

He was shitting lead logs again.

it was the pixies

Cause they are to fat.

rastafunk 0

65- are you fucking 9?

FYLDeep 25

Preventative Maintenance OP. I bet that seat was wobbly for the longest time and you never took action on it. Now you know what happens.

thatsphuckedsoba 0

It was nroke al ready

If the toilet sit just slid off put it back again, I once did it when I was like 6 years old

donnydrivetime 5

You sound like a fat peice of sh*t and you have to be an idiot. Dumbass.

We're not talking about you or your mom here. We are talking about the OP.

This is like 3 FMLs in one... Fuck your life OP.

melissaxo3 1

meet your new best friend: Candles.