By Ouchies - United States
Today, I took my first shower in weeks after having had spinal surgery. My sister flushed a toilet. I couldn't reach the nozzle or my cane to get off the shower bench, and all I could do was sit there as scalding hot water sprayed all over me. FML
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  drinkPINK  |  4

Wow. I feel bad for 62... On every FML that I have been on, where she has commented; somebody always makes some kind of comment about how she looks orange. :/ sorry 62. I feel bad that THAT is your 'natural skin color.'

  Metzler31  |  17

No, effect and affect cannot be used interchangeably. #101 already beat me to it, but affect is a verb (to affect the temperature) and effect is a noun (the effect was the water was hot).

  DrJesse  |  10

21-Op could sit around and plot revenge on his/her sister..I mean,there's not a wide range of things to do while recovering from spinal surgery,and plotting revenge is virtually effortless.

  drinkPINK  |  4

5 - Oh my god! Your comment made my day! I can't stop laughing! :)))

Alsooo, I had surgery a week ago so I can totally relate. It sucks! :( Sorry OP. Beat her with that cane! ;)