By Ouchies - 09/02/2012 17:28 - United States

Today, I took my first shower in weeks after having had spinal surgery. My sister flushed a toilet. I couldn't reach the nozzle or my cane to get off the shower bench, and all I could do was sit there as scalding hot water sprayed all over me. FML
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Your sister is a ******* asshole. Get her back.

Slap her with your cane till she needs surgery too!


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Now you have an excuse to put lotion on your dick.

I really don't get people, how can anyone say YDI, in this case? I guess there are just some assholes out there :|

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Ya hopefully he didn't get burnt. Idk why he didn't just yell for someone's help.

Damn man that sucks, just the sergury itself. Hope the burns, if any weren't bad

Obviously not, everyone loves scalding hot water.

62 why are you bright orange? Are your parents wotsits or something?

Whos the chackhead that thumbed down me because I accidently spelt "surgery" wrong?

Wow. I feel bad for 62... On every FML that I have been on, where she has commented; somebody always makes some kind of comment about how she looks orange. :/ sorry 62. I feel bad that THAT is your 'natural skin color.'

Yes. Because that's what I do when someone accidentally effects the water temperature of my showers.

It should be "affects". Sorry, had to say it. Still a pretty funny comment though!

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66 I believe you mean bitch. Why dont people realize you can curse on this website? SHIT!!

Actually, @51, although #9 probably did intend to use "affects" (meaning changes), "effects" (meaning causes) also works in this circumstance.

100 affect is a verb, effect is a noun. But it was a funny comment :)

No, effect and affect cannot be used interchangeably. #101 already beat me to it, but affect is a verb (to affect the temperature) and effect is a noun (the effect was the water was hot).

2- violence doesn't solve anything! ( doesnt necessarily mean ALL the time)

144- Violence is not the answer, it's the question. The answer is yes.

Your sister is a ******* asshole. Get her back.

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That could of been an accident!

how do you know her sister didn't just finish taking a shit and flushed the toilet?

3, Yes because every time I'm on the toilet I'm very aware of the way flushing it will affect the shower in another room.

Wait until she is showering and do the same to her. You must get your revenge on her.

yes because most people sit around all day like kratos and say "my vengeance is everything"...

21- I do but I can't speak for anyone else, I'm now plotting my revenge against you because I vaguely disagree with your comment.

ohhh such insolence 31. How dare you ?????? i have never, in all of my 52 years...

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But his sister can just get out of the hot water..

You know, at 52 years old, you'd think you'd understand sarcasm. Hell, even teenagers understand it.

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34 is using sarcasm so I think he understands it. Just a thought.

21-Op could sit around and plot revenge on his/her sister..I mean,there's not a wide range of things to do while recovering from spinal surgery,and plotting revenge is virtually effortless.

Slap her with your cane till she needs surgery too!

5 - Oh my god! Your comment made my day! I can't stop laughing! :))) Alsooo, I had surgery a week ago so I can totally relate. It sucks! :( Sorry OP. Beat her with that cane! ;)

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Omg that shit was soo ****** funny I'm sitting laughing in the dark hoping I don't wake my boyfriend XD

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God, how oblivious is she? That blows.

Was it the same toilet in the bathroom you were in? If so, you take that lil ole cane of yours and beat your sister's ass.

Ouch.. I feel you OP. i'm sorry on her behalf.

your picture is perfect for this FML. well, almost perfect anyways

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spinal surgery wow, whatever was wrong with you must have been bad. good luck to you OP.

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Wow that must have hurt i just had spinal surgery too it sucks

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