Fight Club

Today, my girlfriend asked how I was feeling, because I’ve been feeling down and experiencing a lot of anxiety lately. I said was feeling a lot better and that I finally think I’m on my way to getting well. She didn't agree, and started a fight about it. FML
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By  Onisarubia  |  1

my BF was going through the same thing and asked me for space. a week went by and he was talking to me again. I then found out that a family member of mine has cancer, so I asked my bf, understanding that even though HE is going through a mental crisis, if he could still offer some moral support for me since he hasn't talked to me, so He didn't talk to me for a week and a half then deleted me from his social media. when I went to his house to ask what was goin on, he said he was burnt out from me and he broke up with me.we were together for 8 years. fml.