By david - 28/04/2009 14:08 - United States

Today, I decided to smoke a cigarette while I was driving to work. I was also eating french fries during the drive. I had never realized how much a cigarette feels like a french fry. In conclusion, cigarettes don't taste very good when you bite into them. FML
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let's see which one kills you first

Wow, that's like the healthiest activity I've ever heard of



wow, seriously? sliced and fried potatoes do not feel the same as cigarettes.

here's the simple way to fix it: don't smoke

Lol! The in conclusion part is hilarious! But still, FYL

YDI for smoking

Op, you deserve it for slowly killing yourself

Wow, that's like the healthiest activity I've ever heard of

let's see which one kills you first

ya totally agree

That made me laugh!!! lmao but yea that's what u get for smokin so yea

10 bucks on the cigarettes.

Probably the driving while using both hands to eat and smoke.

I bet its French fries XD

70 bucks on clogged arteries

hmm i would've thought it would taste good, what with all the chemicals and crap in them. anyways, you smoke them, so might as well eat them too!!

well no because there is enough nicotine in one cigaret that if you eat it, your dead within 6-12 hours.

not true! my friend ate one for a dare and he is very much alive and well. wherever you got your facts from is terribly mistaken!!

If you add salt and deep-fry them cigarettes taste pretty good. But then you would have to smoke your french fries.......

blankslate 0

lame. You smoke you accidently bit into one...who cares?

Hahah how'd you like that? Tobaccotastic! Shouldn't mix eating and smoking together= fail.

Shouldn't smoke....

Jammin_44 0

seriously, who eats and smokes at the same time?

gross. that's what you get for smoking cancer and consuming disgusting fast food.