By Kurda - 23/05/2015 02:26 - United States - Wallburg

Today, I finally found a bug I had been trying to get rid of. When I removed my bra, I noticed what looked like a piece of bug on it. Apparently, the bug was flattened and suffocated by my boob the entire day. FML
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Just imagine the pain it went through. Death by suffocation of boob.

At least the bug died happy OP :)


Just imagine the pain it went through. Death by suffocation of boob.

I could think of worse ways to die ;)

Bug: totally worth it ?

JohnTheDonJuan 11

Maybe it wasn't suffocated. It may have drowned in boob sweat.

1000 ways to die

XxxMiseryxxX_fml 10

That's how I want to die

There's a malay ghost that does that

lexiieeex3 32

Dying right now because this FML was stolen... -_-

Breast way to die*

At least the bug died happy OP :)

her boobs must be numb if she didn't felt the bug

#97, as a woman, trust me when I say that we can go hours without realising something has fallen into our cleavage. I had a similar experience with a small spider

At least he went peacefully :p

possibly the best way to die

it's the breast way to die

Not the worst way to go.

Apparently boobs can be used as weapons two ways

Austin Powers begs to differ, racking up the count to three with boobie machine guns.

I'm so disappointed nobody caught the rack pun. Or maybe they did and it wasn't as clever as I thought.

Was about to say about the rack pun, and saw your other comment. It's pretty groovy

ber4fun 23

Better a warm boob than a hard shoe.

Well I guess that's what you call a flat out coincidence

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Logically, the bug would want to be breast-fed. The bug was hungry and wanted to breast-feed is just wrong my friend. Kindly roll over in shame, please.

Being breast-fed implies the mother would be willing to have a bug on her nipple. Wanting to breast-feed doesn't need to be consensual. As in the case of a bug. As such, I stand by my original statement.

johhnyboy39 11

It's a bug it doesn't breast feed since it's not a mammal