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By Anonymous - 19/03/2011 15:43 - United Kingdom

Today, I was on Facebook, looking at pictures from a party I went to. In most of them, I was sitting on the sofa, my shorts bunched to the side, with half my vajayjay on show. FML
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a_girl_i_know 0

Have you heard of wearing underwear?

must have a nice 1 for no one to say anything ;)


must have a nice 1 for no one to say anything ;)

TayonaC 10

orrr maybe no one said anything because it caused them to have a heart attack and die you know how excited guys get with stuff like that o_O

theres this magical thing called underwear. if you were wearing them, still you kinda deserve it for not noticing ...

Hmmm_ok 0

lol what's your fb... you already showed the party might as well show me ;)

sara8866 8

Did you not feel the cool breeze on your vag WTF?

sara8866 8

Did you not feel the cool breeze on your vag WTF YDI!!!!!!

JesseOhNine 0

at least it wasn't her time of the month...

lol that's hilarious. but I'm kinda scared if it's so numbed you didn't feel a breeze.

Aren't you sweet candy's personal sammich maker?! :D

AngryNinja 1

You guys don't really think she was sober, do you? 'Course she didn't feel it..

jrsgreenfire257 0

'Q' what does YDI mean? You Dum Idoit?????


thats what i use to think! but no I'm pretty sure it means you deserve it.

yes I am sweet_candy_ personal sammich maker :D

this FML would b so much funnier if someone tagged her bush

JennaMason 6

how? she was obviously drunk. and you can't blame her for that because most people do it ..

dtang 0

vajayjay? are you ******* serious? a five year old would say vajayjay you ******* retard

I would smack my five year old if he/she said 'vajayjay'.

xSgtTh0masx 0

most people don't usually have all that showing lol

If it makes you feel any better, im sure your all over the internet now.

YDI means you deserved it. Not you dumb idiot.

lunalilith 0

I hope to God that my five year old isn't saying va jay jay! I don't know any five year old kids that would say va jay jay.

WhyCantIDoRight 5

287- ive heard plenty of people say "vajayjay". its not abnormal to say that for some people. i mean, come on, have you really heard a 5 year old say "vajayjay"?

360 - Yes, actually I have. I've also heard many other variations of the word. You really shouldn't tell people "5 year olds don't say that" just because you haven't heard them.

CaptainAwesome2 0

My 4 year old cousins say vajayjay... But they're Aussies, I think loads of people in Australia say that!

prince122 0

noooooo next time don't wear anything.

at least it was only's not like you had no pants at all... Still FYL for being exposd YDI for being wastid

whoisthisgirl 4

#2's pic is an epic win. How so you may ask? First it shows him as #1 and then, some other girl REPLYING to the comment saying "second"

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skullbashd 3

omgg if that happen to me i would die lols

45- you really have no problem exposing yourself..

TayonaC 10
prince122 0

let her expose what ever she wants it's her body -_- i don't see how that effects any of you just look away she's proud of her body.

136: That's coming from the guy who just told OP not to wear panties...I think it effects you, in a different way.

prince122 0

I knew that comment would affect this comment... that was a joke I was being sarcastic.

MissFukMyLuck 0

45- would you really 'die lols'? girl your half naked yourself....

I'm highly questioning the authenticity of "her" photo. "She" may very well "die lols" if "she" were ever exposed.

GLiTTeRz 0

how about "party POKE HER" haha

ommmg i was in cuba n my aunt took this pic, its not even dirty... look away than, fkn losers.

bfad2010 0

ha it's not dirty, idk y ppl care so much, just ignore them

hunt98 0

yea ur so cool because ur dressing like a **** and that ur trying to drop the f bomb

hunt98 0

look who's scared to fight back

whats a vajayjay? is that like a plant?

Yes, its a cuntiferous plant species. Selling it in most places is illegal, and it is rarely given for free, unless the dealer really likes you. A quite beautiful thing to see, actually... not that i would know!... (:

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SoldieroftheLORD 0

this entire little dropdown just WON

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GuyWhoLikesBTR 0
hunt98 0

What are you, four years old? A vajayjay is a pussy!

wait crap no not the OP I mean life_sucks_screw

drayloon 50

Troll detection: Failed miserably

a_girl_i_know 0

Have you heard of wearing underwear?

TayonaC 10

it probably got pulled off to the side with her shorts??? idk just a thought

SilenceIsSilver 0

I agree, they may have been scrunched up in there too. Or maybe she was wearing a thong.

i think youre wearing thongs the weong way 31

SilenceIsSilver 0

And you would know 39? How often do you wear thongs? :P

He doesn't have to wear thongs to know about them, idiot.

what if he does wear thongs. you don't know him

SilenceIsSilver 0

He does to know how to wear one.

SilenceIsSilver 0

Besides who asked you blondie? You're like 12, your argument is invalid:p

iluvu2death 0

actually she's 15 so ya ur invalid

vsx2000goton 0

Age is but a number. What matters in an argument is your ability to support your arguments with valid facts all leading back to your thesis.

Actually 66, guys don't have to wear a thong to know how that they're worn. I have plenty of guy friends that know how girls wear them, that doesn't mean that they have worn them before. I'm 15, not 12. Maybe you should actually check before you guess how old I am. I don't even look 12.

TayonaC 10

yes but it was not needed of her to be rude about it.

SilenceIsSilver 0

You probably are. Just PMSing. That's my problem :I

TayonaC 10

Rule one of talking to a woman: NEVER ASSUME SHE MUST BE ON HER PERIOD. It's a sexist way of making her feelings or attitude irrational. Be aware that saying such a thing will lead to you getting your butt whooped. 134, you just broke the girl code. Oh and tmi 134, tmi.

SilenceIsSilver 0

That's crazy, I have never heard of this so called "girl code" and not every girl is so hypersensitive that she takes offense to people assuming she's PMSing.

SilenceIsSilver 0

158 I guess that means you're just a bitch? Sucks for you :(

Yep. I am a bitch. I only bring my bitchy-ness on to people who don't know what they're talking about.

Prankster7o7 5

Too bad you can fight online. I would like to watch. :/

Prankster7o7 5
Prankster7o7 5

Pretty sure 243 would win though. :)

Prankster7o7 5

HERP DERP! Hahaha, that's messed up, but still, I would like to watch. Never pass up a good fight. :D

Thank you 246, I was thinking the same thing. She just couldn't admit that she was wrong in the argument. It would have been fine if she would have realized that the comments she made were wrong, but she took it too far and made her self look more idiotic then she already did. Congratulations.

Prankster7o7 5

Damn dude, I kinda feel bad for the other chick. :/ Oh well, the blonde wins again!

31- If you were a man, I'd punch you in the face.

sephoraprincess 7

time to shave your mustache, 134?

xSgtTh0masx 0

Jess would clearly win seeing how inadequate the "PMSing chick" poses her thesis. Plus the blonde is hot :)

what does 12 have to do with wearing thongs

probably one of the more interesting conversarikns ive seen lately ;)

sucks to be you...then again....most people wear clothes that fit properly. There's an idea for you... don't dress like a tramp and you won't have that problem. just a thought.

vsx2000goton 0

15, OP most likely undressed because she was drunk, judging from the fact that she was at a party. And since when does wearing shorts automatically grant you the title of "tramp"?

Says the sexy smurf girl with the dress not covering HER "vajayjay". 