By Sorry - 03/03/2010 16:22 - Canada

Today, trying to take initiative, I wore nothing but an apron and led my husband to the kitchen by his knob to have some fun. I tripped on the floor and used his knob to keep balance. FML
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at least you try to keep your love life alive

xoconnie 8

you would use the word knob. YDI ugly.

lol who would use knob I use the word ****

hahahah becca has a fake pic!!! it's on google

that's sad :-( now, why a fake pic hm?

ew why would you use the word knob? that's gross >.<

YDI for marrying a man with a knob shaped dick.

angelkissezxox 3


If he had a big ole pole you would have been fine...could have even danced on it... probably took that too far... oh well

should have just gon along with it and shoved that knobby penis in your mouth

I just noticed that every comment I add magicly dissapears..... hmmmm...........

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@45.. the fact that u know that pics on google concerns me slightly..

FHL! Immagine if he did the same to your clit, you wouldnt feel sorry for him then would you. Ah well, at least you were woman enough to keep it in the kitchen where you belong.

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who says knob? lmao YDI for saying knob.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@ 95, bahah I was going to say the same thing!!

rofl this is so fake. a woman wudnt say knob and she wudnt post something like that on fml.

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36 and 107. I have a "knob"

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@ myman47, I would sure hope so.

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what do you type in to find it

then you realized it was 3 inches bigger

Fatalally 4

Ummm...I would hope NO ONE has a knob shaped penis...that's...just...creepy...O.o

not really your fml, more like his... ouch!!

Sickkid97 5 first I had a good picture but it all went down from there...literally lolz!

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You made a mistake by leaving the kitchen in the first place. so YDI

who the **** calls it a knob?!!! there are countless better ways to refer to a male's penis. even just saying penis is better than knob. makes it sound like its not a rod, but some sort of spherical mass of flesh. you totally deserve this one. dont you EVER refer to a dick as a knob ever again! i'll hunt you down...

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captainmarshal you just made my laugh so hatd


this ^ WTF is a knob??! If you are referring to his penis who calls it that and more importantly why!??

number 10ur hot and did op rip it off

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becca Blaise you are very sexy

whats wrong with the word knob? stop being little nerds about it, she can call it what she wants

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ha sucks for you baby dick maybe you should taje a pill

can you break a d'ck? I know they can be fractured but can they like snap in half? if so then plastic surgery is always an option! think I went a little too far on that one...

how do u know its not her picture on gooogle?

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I would love to have sex with you #36

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Fhl his wife uses the word knob

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I wanna know if #69 has a 'big ol pole'... ;)

no shit, I think he should be the one writing an FML

yea reallym, I feel bad for the poor guy...

well OP was trying to **** his life...

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"I hope may the force be with you"?? Fail. lol

MetroidSlayer01 8

way to change comment. make me look stupid :(

three 6 mafia uses the word knob for starters. it's actually pretty common slang.

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who the hell calls it a knob? ydi.

...slob on his knob like corn on the cob.

check in with me, and do your job.. lay on the bed, and gimme head.. Don't have to ask, to have to beg.