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  tyheron  |  0

FHL! Immagine if he did the same to your clit, you wouldnt feel sorry for him then would you. Ah well, at least you were woman enough to keep it in the kitchen where you belong.


who the fuck calls it a knob?!!! there are countless better ways to refer to a male's penis. even just saying penis is better than knob. makes it sound like its not a rod, but some sort of spherical mass of flesh. you totally deserve this one. dont you EVER refer to a dick as a knob ever again! i'll hunt you down...

  oogyboogy  |  6

captainmarshal you just made my laugh so hatd

  CountChaos  |  0

can you break a d'ck? I know they can be fractured but can they like snap in half? if so then plastic surgery is always an option! think I went a little too far on that one...