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Today, at daycare, a mother congratulated me for having such a kind and well-behaved little girl. The three daycare workers laughed out loud. One had to sit down. Another wiped away a tear. FML
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"Kind and well-behaved" is basically the opposite of how I'd describe three professionals reduced to tear-filled laughter after hearing a complement they didn't agree with. If irony were lethal, they might not fare well.


The loudest and rowdiest kids make the most confident and high-achieving adults, so good for you :)

Actually the shy ones tend to do better. Especially ones with some form of learning difficulty. Richard Branson, Jim Cary, Albert Einstein, Whoopi Goldberg, to name a few examples.

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Body language is the best language. Now ya know. Don't feel bad though, they're just kids

"Kind and well-behaved" is basically the opposite of how I'd describe three professionals reduced to tear-filled laughter after hearing a complement they didn't agree with. If irony were lethal, they might not fare well.

Maybe the laughter had nothing to do with what the mother said, maybe they were reading FML comments.

Because it's always better to blame anyone but the parent or the child...

Nobody is doing that. Maybe the kid is terrible or the OP is raising her poorly; I don't know. In any case, the professionals acted unprofessionally.

If the kid is terrible, they have every right to laugh. You have an obligation to make sure your child is well behaved.

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tripartia is absolutely right. while the workers have every right to feel the way they do, to express it so publicly and callously is unprofessional. I deal with other people's children at my own job and would never behave like that, no matter what type of monster the kid is (and kids can really be monsters).

No, #20, it's still rude and unprofessional to laugh simply because you disagree with a complement. Nobody is talking about rights; they have the /right/ to laugh at whatever. "Today, while on the job, I laughed at a client" would be idiotic regardless of profession. As for what parents are "obligated" to do, that's a matter of opinion.

Parent obligations are not just a matter of opinion...maybe not set in stone but I think the general consensus is that making sure your child is well behaved is one of those obligations. I'm not one to normally go out of my way and to do this but you did it twice and I just have to... compliment*

So if a lot of people agree on something, that's not a lot of people sharing an opinion? And you only "think" that's how it works. This all sounds an awful lot like opinion. OP is likely working towards having her daughter well behaved, but she's not "obligated" to already be there. Thanks, I'm glad you pointed that out. I even checked my spelling both times because I could've sworn it had an "i" in it. Then I forgot that I typed it with an "e". Twice. :o/

A child is generally a child because it is still learning how to behave. It is fairly unreasonable to expect a child to be completely well-behaved already. And besides, why would one want that? Let a child have fun and be mischievous sometimes, there will be plenty of time one has to be behaved later on as an adult anyway. And also, laughing in front of two mothers is hardly publicly is it... I'd probably laugh too if such a compliment was so incorrect as well.

Lol maybe I'm aiming for having enough shared opinions makes a "rule"? Can't think of the proper word here but kind of like a commonly proved and agreed upon hypothesis becomes a theory. Either way kids aren't perfect and I'm sure the mother tries. No one said it had to be there already I was just talking about the "obligations" you should try to achieve.

How do we know that the child is well behaved when their parents and other parents are around, but as soon as they're gone they turn into a demon spawn? I work in a daycare and it happens.

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My friends did the same thing when a guy asked if I was a virgin

I would have flipped on them. Coming from someone that works in a daycare with children from 6 weeks to 12 years, they should be fired. you love all of the children equally and you NEVER embarrass or make the parents feel bad.. I can't believe that!

clearly your daughter just doesn't like those 3... she's obviously a good judge of character at an early age

So maybe she's a jerk in daycare, she's also only in daycare. I'm pretty sure most of us were jerks at that age. We're learning all those social skills that she needs to not grow up to be one. She's probably with those workers a large portion of the day, including when she gets stressed and cranky and isn't feeling good. We had tons of kids like that when I used to work daycare. Mom would talk about how shy the kid was at home but at daycare he was a social butterfly. The workers defininitely need to be more professional, though, because that reaction is not OK.