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  doctorbob  |  0

ouch, ur moms a bitch. i dont know why she would do that. after all its her money thats going in for ur college education. oh, anddid u check the recycling bin? it might still be in there. if not then FML
PS ur mom deserves to be raped

  Hyozanryu  |  0

No it doesn't, it doesn't affect anyone, ever.

  humorizer  |  14

Well, technically not sarcastic. He was flaming, and only people who can think would realize he was trying to evoke people into flaming back.

Also, #2 is suggesting he/she has been raped. Get a life.

  scott_m319  |  0

Of course. Why bother to tackle such a terrible, brutal problem when we can simply turn our heads the other way and ignore the cries from the victims of abuse? God forbid we encounter any taboo or *gasp* reality in our studies!

OP, that is totally, completely FYL, no matter what #3 says. I hope you checked the recycle bin and were able to recover it in time.

By  kezzstar  |  0

Owch. One more reason why you should keep things passworded, backed up and preferably on removable storage. I hope told your mother that it was for school, and insinuated that you've ruined her life.

FYI for having an ignorant mother and living in QLD.

  killdozer1  |  2

I hope the mom was paying for college. Nothing feels better to a child than seeing a stupid decision by a "holier than thou" parent come back to bite them in the ass.

  The_Schiphtur  |  7

#247 HEY! I resent your choice of words. Most religious people would applaud doing a research topic on rape. It's the atheists and agnostics who tend to turn their backs on rape victims more so than the religious people. We just get blamed because religion is the media's scapegoat for freaking everything

  genius_man16  |  0

wow guys, feed the troll much?

Fuck all your lives for being so gullible.

@OP: that really sucks, but there are plenty of ways to get that research paper back, unless she commpletely wiped the hard drive, which i doubt.


Get an excuse or note from your mom telling the teacher that she indeed was the one who prevented you from completing your assignment. (I know that was a very mundane comment, but it had to be said. Soz D:)

  avoidthegirl  |  6

It may save you money to live with your parents while you go to school, but a LOT of American students go to school out of state. It's actually cheaper to live on your own with a roommate than it is to live in the dorms. One of the reasons I went to school out of state, aside from going to a better school, was because I didn't want to live with my parents anymore and I am quite capable of taking care of myself.

But anyway, this is a prime example why every student should have their own laptop/computer and password protect the SHIT out of it. I would have given my mother the verbal beat down of the century if she did that to me and I'd make her pay for the class I was about to fail thanks to her stupidity. What kind of mother deletes a college project because she thinks it's "too vulgar"? Has she never been to college and realized that a lot of taboo subjects are taught in the classroom?