By Anonymous - 28/12/2016 01:28

Today, I attempted to score with a previous friend-with-benefits by sending her a photo of my Christmas present, bondage rope. She arrived an hour later in a mad panic. She thought I was going to hang myself. FML
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corky1992 33

At least she still cares enough to try and stop you

Would love to know who originally gifted you that .


Sorry that happened, but I just lol'd so hard.

Hmmm creative way to get the ladies... So, did you score?

Probably be best to send text messages with images like that, in order to clarify things to avoid a repeat of this. Particularly around any holiday, since suicides so go up during and on holidays. And grovelling will possibly help cool her temper off if she's upset about it.

Idk thats not really what i would be thinking about at all, from either side. If i was excited for about it, I'd take the pic and send it, not thinking about any other possible conclusions. If i received a picture of some rope from a friend-with-benefits, my first thought and only thought would be to respond with something like "oo are we gonna use that?" Because that sounds fun.

Dear son, Merry Christmas. Love mum and dad xx

quazimozart 19

How did you ask for a present like that from santa without immediately being put on the naughty list?

Would love to know who originally gifted you that .

I can imagine her getting angry, but can't imagine the makeup sex after that

At least you two got a chance to hang out.

Talk about sending the wrong message... lol