By Anonymous - 20/11/2010 20:16 - United States

Today, I got home late after a long day at work and all I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. As soon as the water in the shower was hot, I got in. One minute, I was standing and the next I was fast asleep at the bottom of the tub. I woke up with my face swollen and my shoulder bruised. FML
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Reminds me of the sims. So tired they drop and sleep on the floor.

Op, you passed out! Don't feel bad; it happens to the best of us(:

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Op should check her house for a bed intruder.

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Does op have low blood pressure? Sounds like op was on the verge of fainting before getting in the shower, then when under the hot water all her surface blood vessels dilated at once, pulling blood away from her brain causing her to faint and fall.

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Anyone who faints when alone should get checked by a doctor to make sure they didn't damage their brain.

Thank you Dr. Person for that helpful tip.

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low blood sugar, allergies, and dehydration could also have caused this. just make sure op

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This kinda happended to me. After a party that we stayed up 43 hours I fell down the steps at church cause I fell asleep walking;)

You left a 43 hour long party to go to church? That's pretty badass.

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I once passed out in the shower woke up stood up and passed out again lol. I don't remember any of it besides getting in the shower but my mom said she had heard me fall twice. My chin was scraped and bruised but it turns out I was very dehydrated from being sick.

you didn't fall asleep. you were actually abducted by aliens!

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That explains the soreness in my rectal area! Spot on! :D

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No... Actually, your rectal area is sore because of me. Sorry...I couldn't help myself.

Don't you dare take credit for my handywork! You can have the next girl!

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ouch im sorry i cant believe the OP was that tired thats amazing!

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Sometimes it's okay to bathe later, sleep is important.

you wouldn't want to jump into your bed when you're all dirty...

What if they work in a fish market? Is showering after sleeping a better option?

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Generally no, you wouldn't want to dirty your bed, but at this extremity I think it would be okay.

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Go sleep on the couch or a porch swing if its nice out and you have one. After you can take a shower.

I've fallen asleep in the shower once when I was a kid. The doorbell rang in this one floor lodge we were staying in and when my mom came back I was fast asleep with my face practically face down on the drain. I was just that exhausted and the hot water was so comforting!! I've also almost fallen asleep when I was older due to those showers with the nice comfy seats in them. But I don't think that the OP necessarily has any health condition. Exhaustion can be pretty severe, they say that driving while being that tired is like driving drunk. although I can't understand the swelling unless it was just from the water continually pounding down on her face? DocBastard- any medical opinion here as to what probably went on? Did she pass out or fall asleep? Should she see a doctor about it? And what most likely caused the swelling, the fall, water, or something else??

Brandi, it sounds like she just fell asleep - literally. She probably bounced around as she fell, likely striking her shoulder and head, and probably knocked herself out in the process. I see a lot of people who fall and lose consciousness, so that's my best guess.

I don't doubt that that is what happened. a few months ago I was in the shower with the water nicely steaming and while washing my hair, I dozed off. I don't have a medical condition, I was just very tired. Op, that really sucks

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