By anon - 27/12/2013 07:28 - Canada - Saint John

Today, I went to take a shower. When I turned it on, no water came out. Only ants. FML
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Dom_Olivares 12

Sounds like a scene from a scary movie!

perdix 29

At least your shower is ... *lowers sunglasses* anty-septic.


falon142012 22

They may have been fire ants, but no, I doubt it was that kind of hot.

there are people who have bug fetishes. personally bugs give me nightmares. but to each their own.

incoherentrmblr 21

What's next, a Ghoulie pops out from your toilet?

Is that ants in your pant or are you just happy to see me?

Sorry guys... It was the first comment I every got here early enough to be seen and I panicked. But seriously FYL OP.

"Is that ants in your crack or are you just happy to see me" would be more appropriate but still would have made no sense whatsoever.

slappygecko 21

I am happy to see you, so you can help me kill these ants.

33: "OMAIGOD An early comment! QUICK! I MUST COMBINE TWO JOKES TOGETHER! Um... Why did the chicken walk into the bar?"

Dom_Olivares 12

Sounds like a scene from a scary movie!

Literally my worst nightmare come true...

falon142012 22

This has actually happened to me before. I felt like I was in a scary movie too. We lived out in the countryside and had a water pump to bring the water from the lake to the house. Fire ants like electricity -they're drawn to it- so they found the pump, got in it, destroyed it and a lot of them, and came into the house. Texas. Lol.

lilmslady 11

OMFG this is my biggest fear in the world!!! I probably would have beaten myself to death!!

I swear this happened in supernatural but with spiders, still scary. FYL OP!

what if thousands of little Paula Deen heads came pouring out instead, all yapping about "butter and oil, y'all", but instead sounding like "booter an' aail, y'all"... okay, maybe that's just something I would be terrified to experienced. *shudders*

\ 28

#57 - why did you imagine that? You're a horrible ******* person.

#90 a horrible ******* person or a ******* horrible person?

I literally can't stop laughing at your comment!!

Oh jesus i live in the country now im scared.

I don't think id be able to shower for a week out of fear OP, that's just terrifying.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Sometimes, since I have arachnephobia I get scared to take a shower so I can't for a day or to because I think that this same exact thing will happen.

Austin4848 1

I had a nightmare like that once but didn't think it was possible. Until now

time to call the plumber! :D but seriously OP **** your life. that really does suck and i would freak out

After calling, run far away. Don't come back.

Too late for all of that. You're going to have to burn the house to the ground.

REALAfroninga 11

Alright, call a plumber, then get napkins, boards, and paper. Take the boards, put the paper on the boards in a diagonal pattern, then use the napkins to cover the paper completely and very, very carefully... Burn the house down

Pestilence, locust, war, famine, and ants coming out of your facuets!

Think about it like this: When this happened, OP was likely naked. Also, most people stand under a shower to use it. I imagine ants falling from the sky upon OP's naked body is almost as bad as that scene in Indiana Jones where the guy is killed by the ants. I'll see you all in therapy!

Am I the only one wondering How they got there?

my guess is the ants managed to chew through the copper piping to the shower and when op opened the shower valve the ants rushed for the New area that opened up.

We had that happen once. During winter ants will migrate to warmer regions like your bathroom. they go through the cracks in the wall and tile and crawl into the shower head. when you turn on the water it opens the valve and BOOM! instant mentally scarring horror.

Maybe they forgot to pay the water bill