By Anonymous - 25/08/2012 03:31 - United States - Tucson

Today, I was at a job interview. The interviewer spoke to me for a few minutes, then said she would be right back, and left. I was left alone in a room for an hour and a half believing that it was a patience test. They closed the store for the day, leaving me in the interview room. FML
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You seem to have plenty of patience to wait an hour and a half


Termination of employment, reason: You (interviewer) are a total liability, and a dumbass.

Well if OP didn't get the job he was going for, I heard about that new interviewer position that opened up...

Come on OP, ever heard of the "Day after patience exam"? Stay there all night and have the store opened in the morning and you've got the job.

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Ok lets be real. This guy is still unemployed. At least we know you dont mind waiting for a winner. =]

You seem to have plenty of patience to wait an hour and a half

siickman 7

After like 30 mins or so i would have got up and bitched... No patience :/

Maybe it was a test on working independently or solving problems with confidence. Too bad you went with patience.

twaumat 28

should have take what you could as a souvenir.

Or not. Because, you know, that's a crime.

KiddNYC1O 20

Patience test still in progress lol.

coolbrony12 3

Highly doubt she still wants it

I would have employed you! You are very committed! ;)

Don't worry about it OP. if you could wait for an hour and a half, then it probably wasn't because of you. Better luck next time you can do better than those people.

You must've failed as soon as you took out your phone to submit this FML.

A patience test? No shortage of genius here.

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Google's employment tests make this look like easy mode