By Anonymous - 08/04/2015 17:19 - United States - Ann Arbor

Today, I walked in on my 17-year-old brother jerking it to a scene from the movie Frozen. Brain bleach, please. FML
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biasedshooter 24

You need to just let it go


Might have heard Frozen playing and assumed whatever was going on was innocent.

She didn't say she walked into his room.

Swandive235 27

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ExtremeEncounter 32

Or maybe people need to lock doors when jerking.

Not everybody has locks on their doors

johnrdz3 24

Privacy? He Let It Go.

Maybe she knocked five times to ask if he wanted to build a snowman!

*knocks* "Do you wanna beat your meat, man?"

Hey, ya gotta do it with something, right?

kred 21

Do you wanna biodiversity a snowman? COME on let's go Nd play

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that you don't know what biodiversity means...

This comment made me laugh.

ducky45 20


biasedshooter 24

You need to just let it go

You know what they say, different strokes for different folks

Or at least his brother does.... When company arrived unannounced!

NotGabe 28

#4 He couldn't hold back anymore.

Haha u made my day

Thank goodness the brother didn't let it go! That would have brought it to a whole new level of awkwardness

Did you stay "Frozen" at the sight?

His brother was Frozen stiff ;)

drunk_crow 12

I would just leave.

tantanpanda 26

missed the pun, didn't you?

omg, that's pretty weird.

#6 I found it pretty normal. Such a usual occurence that I don't even know why it made it on FML

You'd be amazed what guys will spank it to.

It is a pretty sexy reindeer

AnyaS 19

I wonder which scene it was...

My god yes!! You know you thought about it too. . . every last one of you (us) did. Whatever, don't lie. Hahahaha

#66 have no other words

Better hope it's not a scene from when they were children.

Jesus. Lets hope he didn't 'build' a snowman with their kid versions...

Do you wanna bonk a snowman?

Well, to be fair, I bet getting caught was way worse for him. Teenage boys can jerk it to anything.

I really want to say he wasn't watching it and his mind was on other things.

demonicninja 15

I can full-heartedly tell you this is true.

I'm calling bull on this one. As a fifteen year old, I believe I am most qualified to tell you that not everything is a turn on for a male my age.

Oh just wait until you hit puberty #42

As a teen, I played a game where I'd try to find the least sexy **** I could and try to get off to it.

I usually just put things on for background noise and don't pay any attention. It doesn't help when a joke is made and I manage to catch it though.

Well, Hans and Krisoff DO have sexy voices. Maybe he just happens to swing that way.

#65 yep, makes it last longer

stupidity99 16

Including the current # of likes on this comment. 69.

Anything remotely resembling **** will trigger a teen males circuits.

I don't know if even the strongest bleach in the world will help

*insert Amanda Todd joke here*

its called alcohol

tantanpanda 26

bleach is a lot stonger that alcohol