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  JustKittyKat  |  24

I never thought this could happen to me! I'd been crushing on this guy that always walked by my friends and I during lunch in high school. One of my friends said he knew him and introduced me. I think I'd be better off if I had swallowed my tongue, because the nervous and incoherent mumbles that left my lips were awful. All he did was ask my name! I couldn't even speak and had to walk away, red faced.
Summed up, yes. It is possible lol

  LisaDay  |  14

it's from The Odyssey. Odisious was in a cave of a giant who lived with a group of giants. He told a giant his name was "No-man." One night he attacked the giant so he and his men cohld escape the cave. The giant started freaking out and when the other giants asked what was wrong, the giant said "No man attacked me!"

It was a clever name trick to escape his situation and keep his army alive.