By Karmas3itch - 12/05/2009 04:19 - United States

Today, I was taking a bath and needed shampoo. I leaned on the soap holder to get some and it came off the wall. Huge ants started pouring out running up the walls, down the walls, EVERYWHERE. I ran out of the bathroom screaming, completely naked. FML
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boy, this is america... the right thing to say is 'get the guns!'

yup cuz only americans are stupid enough to get guns against termites

******' stereotypes. Not all americans are gun-toting rednecks.

XxJaydaxX 3

not all rednecks are "gun totin"

That definitely sounds worse than finding a spider in the drain.

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Coming soon to a cinema near you... 'ATTACK OF THE KILLER BATHROOM-LURKING ANTS!' Bathtime will never be the same again...

I would have done the same...and i'm a bloke.

Bloke? ... Are you English by any chance? =P

*rofl* Just last night I played the Flashgame "Neverending Light". It's about a guided tour into a cavern who is then attacked, brutally slaughtered and eaten by giant ant-like creatures. Can't imagine how I would have reacted if this had happened to me right after finishing that game Ô.o

OMG I would just about die if that happened. I think a call to the exterminator is apppropriate. I also hope you don't have roommates...