By Karmas3itch - 12/05/2009 04:19 - United States

Today, I was taking a bath and needed shampoo. I leaned on the soap holder to get some and it came off the wall. Huge ants started pouring out running up the walls, down the walls, EVERYWHERE. I ran out of the bathroom screaming, completely naked. FML
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time to lay off the hallucinants dude.

What the hell??? That does suck!


What the hell??? That does suck!

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Paoli is a bitch son!

boy, this is america... the right thing to say is 'get the guns!'

yup cuz only americans are stupid enough to get guns against termites

Fuckin' stereotypes. Not all americans are gun-toting rednecks.

i smell a porno coming on o.O

XxJaydaxX 3

not all rednecks are "gun totin"

That definitely sounds worse than finding a spider in the drain.

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both are just gross...

but he was bathing with HUGE ANTSSS

time to lay off the hallucinants dude.

One horror movie scenario coming up!

Coming soon to a cinema near you... 'ATTACK OF THE KILLER BATHROOM-LURKING ANTS!' Bathtime will never be the same again...

Ha, I was just thinking that!

Based on a true story

I would have done the same...and i'm a bloke.

Bloke? ... Are you English by any chance? =P

*rofl* Just last night I played the Flashgame "Neverending Light". It's about a guided tour into a cavern who is then attacked, brutally slaughtered and eaten by giant ant-like creatures. Can't imagine how I would have reacted if this had happened to me right after finishing that game Ô.o

OMG I would just about die if that happened. I think a call to the exterminator is apppropriate. I also hope you don't have roommates...

I would have done the same thing.

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OH MY GOD.....

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u r not cool