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  zfrt  |  3

Skrillex is so fucking gay. Only 12 year old fags who think they're badass listen to him. Get all the cum out of your ears and try to listen to it, you'll want to claw your eyes out.

  8313girl  |  28

Yeah I can only imagine how rough and deep their clapping and smacking had to be. If the guy is gonna be taking girls to pound town like that then he doesn't need the clapper.

  LADiiL0KA24  |  11

Im dyin too!! N its definitely that bitch's fault cuz she couldve unplugged it clapper.... Idk y ppl disliked ur comment workoutfreak i guess that happened to those 15 ppl who didnt like ur comment :)

  hawaiianfire  |  0

Well most of the first comments say dumb shit, just so that they can be the first to comment. It's the responses that wind up being the clever stuff. It's down voted because of the abbreviations.