By KayleeXLoVe21 - 03/11/2011 23:48 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex. The lights kept on going on and off. Why? The lights are activated by "clap on, clap off." It killed the mood. FML
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daysgoby902 6

it would have been awesome if you were on drugs

559NVUS 3

Well then you should've stopped clapping your hands from all the excitement, oh wait...Nice :)


daysgoby902 6

it would have been awesome if you were on drugs

With some skrillex!

Skrillex is so fucking gay. Only 12 year old fags who think they're badass listen to him. Get all the cum out of your ears and try to listen to it, you'll want to claw your eyes out.

leadman1989 15

5 -You just keep getting better and better bs you need more in your description! First of the year (equinox) seems like it would be awesome to fuck to! Lol

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Aw come on guys, brostep? I'd rather fuck to polka. Anyone wanna join?

Dubstep > Polka

HaloReachIsCool 6

Mr. Miagi say: Clap on, now clap off. Goood job daniel san.

goebsy 8

Fap on! Fap off!

And here I thought that once the clap was on, it doesn't go off, if you get what I'm saying…

ShroomsOnAcid 16

But brostep isn't dubstep, so that's a bit irrelevant.

doesnt matter, had sex

fromthesuck 8

Yeah my mood is often ruined by the clap as well

Or if you had epilepsy...

FMMFL1992 3

Was it a butt clap?

23 *cough*not the American average by asking Alexandria*cough*

It takes the video "Clapping with No Hands" to a whole new level.

8313girl 28

Yeah I can only imagine how rough and deep their clapping and smacking had to be. If the guy is gonna be taking girls to pound town like that then he doesn't need the clapper.

workoutfreak 4

Lmfao nuffsaid

"I've got the clap and I'm giving it to you!"

LADiiL0KA24 11

Im dyin too!! N its definitely that bitch's fault cuz she couldve unplugged it clapper.... Idk y ppl disliked ur comment workoutfreak i guess that happened to those 15 ppl who didnt like ur comment :)

You cant unplug the CLAP

54- I lost a couple of IQ points when I read your comment.

Llama_Face89 33

54- no it was thumbed down because it didn't actually say anything. Intelligently at least.

hawaiianfire 0

Well most of the first comments say dumb shit, just so that they can be the first to comment. It's the responses that wind up being the clever stuff. It's down voted because of the abbreviations.

Please learn to use English. I agree with #77

get a room....or in this case get better one

They already have the best room. They just don't know what to do with it...the newbies.

YdoIhaveAchode 4

I read an FML like this one a while ago.. Fake?

Lol. My brother just got a clap on light. That would be awkward if I know you.

Alwayspullout 7

You don't live in New York, do you?

I do. Lol. In patchogue.

KatieMarieL 1

I live in Patchogue....0.o

pwincessa23 1

Cccccoooooommmmmbbbbbbbboooooooo BREAKER!!!!

Really? Lol

KatieMarieL 1

Lol yeahh xD

You go to patmed?

KatieMarieL 1

Yupp!! Freshie-.-

Lol. That's cool. :p

KatieMarieL 1

Not really-.-

Lol. Sorry. :p

leadman1989 15

"Clap on clap off THE CLAPPER" Look on the bright side you don't have the clap!

Sukismama 2

Lol I was about to post practically the same comment, ya best me to it!

Lol, i loved that film :D

chane1100 6

33- its not a "film" -.-

559NVUS 3

Well then you should've stopped clapping your hands from all the excitement, oh wait...Nice :)

josejimenez 0


leadman1989 15

Tell your boyfriend to put a little "LESS" back into it. Problem solved.

DropBearHunter 8

Or take the lightbulb out....

leadman1989 15

Who says they wanted the lights out? Some people don't fuck in the dark. ;p

They could just go outside and fuck under the street light

Relocating is such a bitch.

That must be awfully annoying while he's masterbating.

DropBearHunter 8

Because the OP's bf likes to clap while masturbating???

Maybe he likes to clap his penis, like giving it a high five while masturbating

DropBearHunter 8

Here i was thinking i was the only one!