By peonypiney - United States
Today, I spent over 20 minutes trying to convince my daughter that the word she was trying to use was "Back-pack" and not "Back-back". I never convinced her. She is 16 years old. FML
peonypiney tells us more :
This is my FML. YES, she is extremely blonde and believe it or not, a straight A student. I have never noticed she said it that way before until she had it written down. I've never caught it because we usually say "Book Bag". Her older brother finally convinced her through mockery and laughter.
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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

this is a memory from my childhood.. "anything that you might need, I got it all for you! backpack, backpack. backpack, backpack. backpack, backpack. YAY!" - Dors the Explorer

  evilplatypus  |  38

Why are people thumbing down Xena? Your children are the product of YOUR rearing, unless you're an absentee parent. And if that's the case, it's even moreso your fault how they turn out!


Who the fuck really cares? So she calls it something different, big fucking whoop. Some people I know call them "pack-sacks". Here's a news flash, it doesn't mean anything. She can still function normally right? I mean is her saying "back-back" keeping her in special ed or something? Quit your bitching because it sounds like you just have a problem with her saying it. Did it ever occur to you that she could be saying it like that to piss you off? Gah, you're stupid.

  Dashelle  |  25

Wow--does she understand the correct way to say it now? I mean sometimes people argue their side of the argument just to make themselves not sound stupid. Especially teenagers.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

108 - just to be clear: gingers may have no souls, but they're freakin BAMFs (the girls anyway, guys have a harder time pulling off gingerdom) and will most DEFINITELY take over the world some day, two of my best friends are gingers, btw