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  alpaquette91  |  9

My cat used to do that, we used to put a plastic bag lining in her litter box for easy clean up but then she started to pee on anything plastic feeling. Maybe you have the same problem

By  amberskyz  |  4

Thats so gross. Cat piss is so rank. Either break Mr.Frisky of his new kink by squirting him in the face everytime he shows interest in a plastic bag or send him on his way. Or just let your house reek of cat piss and it will be just u and kitty for a long long time.

  nikkibee50  |  10

Wow u really feel some type of way about that? Lol calm down, to let a pet go is a very hard decision to make, but at the same time, if my cat can't stop pissing on things in my home, it has to go... Period. And if u don't like it, bite me.