By Anonymous - 21/10/2011 01:13 - United States

Today, I paid $70 to learn from the vet that my cat doesn't have a UTI, he's just developed a fetish for peeing on plastic bags. FML
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Urinary tract infection. Or in your case, unable to investigate.

ohhhh. well guess u can go green and stop buying plastic bags


ohhhh. well guess u can go green and stop buying plastic bags

My cat used to do that, we used to put a plastic bag lining in her litter box for easy clean up but then she started to pee on anything plastic feeling. Maybe you have the same problem

chickenwalrus 14

Cat pees on plastic bags... put plastic bags outside... cat pees outside, no extra cleanup. *trollface*

I have that same fetish

What the .. is a UTI?

Urinary tract infection. Or in your case, unable to investigate.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection.... And I thought I was blonde!

But you have cats. I don't even own a pet. So I didn't know. But thanks to Freeze I know now! :)

Someone who thumbs down Freeze's comment either is jealous or missed the thumbs up button. Nicely done.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

18, Do you also not own a body?

Humans can also get a UTI, which is not very pleasant!

DreBeezy 9

Humans get urinary tract infections too, even more than animals......

Urinary tract infection

Way to be 10 hours late.

curlyfry33 8

You probly shoulent be a slob and leave plastic bags randomly laying around

So don't let him near plastic bags

Don't keep plastic bags by that kinky cat of yours.

sparklybetty 0

Just get him his own plastic bag and let him have his way ;)

At least it didnt develop a fetish for pissing on the carpet, couch, or anything else that's expensive.

Exactly! It could be much worse. When my cat gets a UTI she pees AND poops in my clothes. Yey.

jellitonoctopus 19

Place a plastic bag in his litter box.

Mercedes16 7

You should have got him a 'cat' scan. I know . I'm not funny.

*gives courtesy thumbs up*

That made me chuckle tbh.

Thats so gross. Cat piss is so rank. Either break Mr.Frisky of his new kink by squirting him in the face everytime he shows interest in a plastic bag or send him on his way. Or just let your house reek of cat piss and it will be just u and kitty for a long long time.

Fuck you lady. You don't just throw a cat out for doing that. Just like how your mom didn't throw you out for being a bitch.

Wow u really feel some type of way about that? Lol calm down, to let a pet go is a very hard decision to make, but at the same time, if my cat can't stop pissing on things in my home, it has to go... Period. And if u don't like it, bite me.

Ricky23J 0

reading this FML made my brain explode.

Ricky23J 0

fuck you! Internet gangster