By Caroline1812 - United States - Salt Lake City
Today, while getting ice cream with a friend, her car got broken into. Nothing was taken except my backpack, which contained assignments making up 50% or more for grades in four separate classes. FML
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  Mauskau  |  35

Well this is actually a good response. My dad's boss left her handbag on her passenger seat whilst at work, someone walking past spotted it, broke into her car and took it. There are signs saying "leave it on display, expect it to
go" where I live. Not so great but just don't ever leave things on display.

  Kazze  |  31

I'm pretty sure a lot more criminals would steal a handbag than a backpack. I could understand someone saying YDI if they left a purse in their car, but who the hell steals a backpack?

  fashionbug9880  |  22

I don't know who would steal a backpack
either. My dad's car got broken into and they only stole his backpack, but there was only a flashlight and stupid stuff in there.

  lexa1love  |  16

I'm assuming a lot of the time they just grab what they can get the quickest and hope something good is in there. However, a lot of nurses I work with carry backpacks/tote bags that have their wallets or credit cards in them for work. Soo I'm sure thieves get lucky sometimes!