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Today, my friend told me she'd lost her notebook filled with crucial notes for our finals. She asked if she could borrow mine and copy my notes. She then lost my notebook too. FML
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And this why I've stopped lending my stuff to 'friends'

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They always keep the freakin' pencils.


this is the first "first" comment I have seen on fml in ages, and I really hope it's the last!

And this why I've stopped lending my stuff to 'friends'

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

They always keep the freakin' pencils.

@#2 Very true! I've recently learned to scan all my notes on my phone, and save them as PDF files. So if any friends ever need it, I can e-mail the pages to them and they can print out THEIR OWN copies. I stopped lending physical papers/notes to people ever since my 'friend' borrowed them and returned them in horrendous condition! :(

I really don't think she lost OP's notebook. She just don't wanna take the time copy it all, then it's just easier to say you lost the other notebook as well!

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I know "friends" who intentionally make these notebooks disappear before finals. I hope this wasn't the case OP.

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#2, I'm kinda with you. I wouldn't lend my stuff to Phoebe, Joey or Rachel because they're all so ditzy, but I'd trust Ross, Monica and Chandler, they are much more responsible.

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whoa. that's more ugliness than the world needs.

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@#55 36's profile picture accurately addresses you.

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What can I say... Bitches be cray. That's all there is to it.

Here's hoping you at least got to study a bit before she lost it!

Next time make a copy if a friend ever wants to borrow your notes.

At least if you fail, you'll have someone to blame.

Yeah, but that's not gonna help for anything. I mean, once you fail, you fail. That's it. Nothing can be done to ever change that. You're just gonna have to live with that grade that you got.

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This is why you don't lend your stuff to losers, OP.

Once she lost hers, i would say go both of you to copy it! Ydi

While I wouldn't go so far as to say YDI, I do question the logic in lending the whole computer rather than giving her a copy of the notes.

31, they aren't referring to notebook computers. They are talking about school notebooks, which is quite literally a book you take notes in.