By atmac95 - United States
Today, I am expected to write an 8 page essay, due tonight. The reason why I don't even have one page yet? My mom decided to take away the only computer I have the essay saved on because I have an 'F' in English. The essay is for English. FML
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  crazycornn  |  0

you're an idiot. you can't say it's the OP's fault because they didn't prevent it from happening. it's like saying a bystander is guilty of a bank robbery for not preventig it.

  blueeyes24  |  0

Still though if he had already done all the research for the paper... it wouldn't be that hard to rewrite it. Even if it is supposed to be typed if you gave the teacher a hand written copy bc of "computer issues" you should at least get some credit.

  Redphobia  |  0

I agree with that completely. If OP would of worked with that report when it was assigned and not have slacked off, he/she would not have to complain in the first place. And I'm pretty sure OP's mom would let them use the computer to turn in the assignment.