By atmac95 - 27/02/2010 21:28 - United States

Today, I am expected to write an 8 page essay, due tonight. The reason why I don't even have one page yet? My mom decided to take away the only computer I have the essay saved on because I have an 'F' in English. The essay is for English. FML
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fueledbyshar 0

Get off of FML and get writing!

LtHoward 0

Your own fault for having an F in the first place.


junebug092 0

^^ fail

Wooooooow.. that's sucks.

texas_justice 0

...I used to say my dog ate my assignment. try that excuse.

asianwolf 2

every teacher knows that one now. you have to be really creative to get away now.

But what do you do when your dog really did eat it? It happened to me once.

TahoeFMler 22

Too bad you didn't communicate with your mom sooner. YDI.

you're an idiot. you can't say it's the OP's fault because they didn't prevent it from happening. it's like saying a bystander is guilty of a bank robbery for not preventig it.

I can say it's the OPs fault because he should not already have a F

no its really not like that at all

that was for 126

blueeyes24 0

Still though if he had already done all the research for the paper... it wouldn't be that hard to rewrite it. Even if it is supposed to be typed if you gave the teacher a hand written copy bc of "computer issues" you should at least get some credit.

nomnommonster 0

well, explaining will probably do you loads of help.

facingforeverr 0

agreed. i mean, common sense people

xd0rkiee 0

I think it's #2.

PsychoMerk 0

haha xD win.

mezsed 0

that's just dumb

My mom and dad would just unplug my Internet d-link and put it in the safe. ;p.

yea wow tht sucks.. haha

Maybe if you tell your teacher, he/she'll call CPS! Yay poorly thought out revenge!

LtHoward 0

Your own fault for having an F in the first place.

kkamp516 10

Nobody cares if ur first you fucktard.

damn I wanted firs5

Your_Dad 0

what a cunt. 0_o

fueledbyshar 0

Get off of FML and get writing!

asianwolf 2

proof op is a slacker

I agree with that completely. If OP would of worked with that report when it was assigned and not have slacked off, he/she would not have to complain in the first place. And I'm pretty sure OP's mom would let them use the computer to turn in the assignment.

Misguided_Ghost 0

your mom is stupid. = sorry.

It's called a flash drive..... look into it!