By antisocial - 12/08/2010 08:07 - Canada

Today, I told my parents that I wasn't feeling very social and up for company. How do they try to make me feel better? By inviting a whole bunch of people I don't know to a pool party at my house. They said I should face my fears. I'm now in my room, hiding. FML
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Your parents make no sense. You simply said you don't feel like company, not that you have a social phobia. Not that having a raucous pool party would be a good way to force your child to get over their social phobia anyway.

its ok op i do that when people i dobt kbow are awkward (shirtless) introductions.


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they don't care how you feel. FYL

do the words mental health disorder mean nothing to you? 'suck it up' isn't the best advice to give someone, that's like telling someone with a physical disorder to just 'Shake it off'

its ok op i do that when people i dobt kbow are awkward (shirtless) introductions.

****, three people commented while i was typing. i blame black people.

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you can if you blow your brains out.

you can also open a can with a sword, but regular people don't do it, that's just stupid.

Some people don't like being social. I feel the OPs pain. I am like that sometimes. You're right, you can't avoid everyone and that's why social phobias are so hard to deal with. Some people can't just get over it, for example people on the autism spectrum.

I have dissociative psychosis so being around people is painful, I can go weeks without ever leaving the house and having little to no contact with a person IRL, so yeah I probably could avoid everyone physically.

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don't be mean, it's just I fear, like YOU don't have any fears, asshole


yea im not afraid of other people

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dying alone doesnt mean you die bitter, ppl are such idiots these days! solitude is fun

tienjt 3

I agree with 81. I sure as hell don't need constant company, nor would I mind living and dying alone.

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being alone is no fun... :(

Well, they were trying to help. And the best way to get rid of your fears is to face them. I don't see the FML. They did the right thing.

when I tell my parents I'm not feeling up to company they listen and comply now because the last time, they did something similar to what OP's parents did I ended up with a tour of the nearest psych ward for almost stabbing our neighbour.

I'm pretty sure that's not how you make friends. :/

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dont be such a pussy. its people so what. dont you associate with people daily? whats new

You'll never make it through life with that attitude! Who wants to die all alone?

Yeah, I want to take as many possible with me :D

I could very happily live my life online with little to no contact with the out side world, it would definitely keep my psychosis in check