By nerdwithagun - United States
Today, my dad had a go at me because he thought I was embarrassed by him and that was why I never invited any of my friends over. I was too embarrassed to tell him it's actually because I don't have any friends to invite over. FML
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u dont have any friends? eff your life mane! high school is/will going to be HELL fee u! u remind me of a kid named Joseph Steers who went to Mable Barron with me in Stockton!

  DocBastard  |  38

kriptonite - I'm trying to figure out your modus operandi here. Tell me if I have this right-

Step 1) Say something offensive enough to get moderated.
Step 2) Insult moderator for doing his/her job and deleting your retched dreck.
Step 3) I would have to assume this would be finding the moderator's house and slapping him/her in the face, right?


By  LolCakes111  |  7

YDI & FYl. Why? FYL because you got no friends. YDI because it's very easy to make friends. Hell, I've seen a kid with a retarded voice, is short, is a nerd and is kinda annoying but he still has a lot of friends. ITS NOT HARD. Just talk to people. If you are a nerd, talk to another "nerd". IF your fat, talk to another fat person. Etc, Etc you get the point.

  Spongii101  |  12

Actually, it isn't that easy. Yes, it's easy to be friendly, but if you have nothing in common, or you're incredibly different from everyone else it's hard.

On an entirely unrelated topic: I hate anti-flood.