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Today, my dad had a go at me because he thought I was embarrassed by him and that was why I never invited any of my friends over. I was too embarrassed to tell him it's actually because I don't have any friends to invite over. FML
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It really isn't that simple. What if OP is shy and has a hard time talking to people in the first place?


u dont have any friends? eff your life mane! high school is/will going to be HELL fee u! u remind me of a kid named Joseph Steers who went to Mable Barron with me in Stockton!

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For Xmas I hope to get a real girlfriend like mah sistah, shes so purdy.

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say something to him. it can only help to talk about it

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there are plenty of people that like you. just go out and find them. sports are a great place to start

IMO the op's dad was just celebrating Festivus with a little feats of strength.

idk why 19. but I'm finding most of my posts are being deleted although they are totally relevant.

kriptonite - I'm trying to figure out your modus operandi here. Tell me if I have this right- Step 1) Say something offensive enough to get moderated. Step 2) Insult moderator for doing his/her job and deleting your retched dreck. Step 3) I would have to assume this would be finding the moderator's house and slapping him/her in the face, right? Idiot.

who doesn't love a little dis-establishmentarianism. it SOUNDS like it could work in this context. and that's all that matters.

it's funny I nvr said the words above . the moderators did it. FML Is corrupt

i kno right I even feel sorry for the poor person :(

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25 I fell sorry that you own that car

don't hate... shows you don't know jack about cars so I'd keep my mouth shut homie.

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aww cmon op, making friends is easy!!

I second that. All they do is **** you around when they either jealous or feeling left out, how pathetic can the human race be.

It's not that hard tell him the truth and make some friends not a big deal.

YDI & FYl. Why? FYL because you got no friends. YDI because it's very easy to make friends. Hell, I've seen a kid with a retarded voice, is short, is a nerd and is kinda annoying but he still has a lot of friends. ITS NOT HARD. Just talk to people. If you are a nerd, talk to another "nerd". IF your fat, talk to another fat person. Etc, Etc you get the point.

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it's that that easy, I don't have friends either and it's not because I can't, it because other people r weird

Maybe why you don't have friends is because you can't spell properly.

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It really isn't that simple. What if OP is shy and has a hard time talking to people in the first place?

By that logic, TrollFeeder, I'd be surprised if you had any friends, with your barely comprehensible sentence structure.

Actually, it isn't that easy. Yes, it's easy to be friendly, but if you have nothing in common, or you're incredibly different from everyone else it's hard. On an entirely unrelated topic: I hate anti-flood.

aww it's okay you'll get friends sooner or later.

it is OK OP your friends get you sooner or later

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hahahahah... no u suck... its called being helpful not being a jerk