By Cup_of___ / Thursday 26 November 2009 16:23 / United States
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  marc_with_a_c  |  3

At the liquor store I work at, we don't make customers pay for the stuff they break.. well at least if they don't do it on purpose, I don't know if it's on purpose I never had it happen before

By  FerrariCake  |  2

That would have been the perfect excuse to ask for a job app... because you'll need to pay for the bottles you broke!

You have to learn when to recognize opportunities.

  your_face  |  15

First of all, no one cares that you moderated this. Second, OP never said he WASN'T being himself - he simply considered asking for a job application and a date, but never got around to either. It doesn't even say how much interaction he had with the cashier, or how that interaction went. Your advice is not applicable here. Better luck next time.

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