By Fmycar - 26/09/2009 05:19 - United States

Today, my football team played in a game against our rival school that was just a few blocks away. We hadn't lost the game in exactly 49 years, we were playing for the 50th year win. We lost 63-0, and got booed off the field by our own crowd. FML
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Ahh! **** youuu. You made me lose too. ];

I lost the game while reading it and was planning on saying it first. God damn you.

I didn't lose the game.....................go me.

noName123456 0

you guys suck I had gone about 2 months and it took me a full minute to realize what you were talking about god dammit

alitheone22 0

that sucks, it was probably Calvary's football game :O

Ox_Baker 0

At least you can play football. I have no arms or legs, so I can't even walk. I'm typing this with my nose.

Awww, Hasian, you made me lose the game too! I was fine reading the FML, but noooo, you had to ruin it. >:[

Yes you did. The game entered your mind and therefore you lost the game.

Fuuucckkkkk why do I keep coming back to this FML?

oooooooooohhh nooooo i lost the game btw they probly lost just this year cuz the team this year is sucky

applesandbananas_fml_fml 2

awwwwwww damn you lol I lost the game

yeah well I found all of your games. theyre all mine now.

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that was my first thought too :(

how do you win for 49 years then lose 63-0????

Maybe they hadn't played them for 49 years :)

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You guys do realize each year as students come and go the rosters change, right? :P

If they were using the same roster as 49 years ago the result might make more sense though to be fair :P

ask bin Ladin cause you just got bombed!!! ohhh!

Umm, not really unless you're just a plain retard.

Was this the wilcox santaclara high rivalry?

Darth_Taco 14

Not surprised. Either they decided to get the extra practice or your team slacked off due to overconfidence. Could also be both :P. Not much you can do except try again. It sucks, badly XP. Still, what can you do now?

I seriously don't think your school went 49 years without a lost that seems extremely unlikely

Sun_Kissed18 25

lrn2read. OP said they hadn't lost the game against their rival team, not EVERY team. And do you mean "without a loss"?

Or maybe they were asleep during the game? ;D

Your school needs new goalkeepers and defenders. Or you guys were just scoring own goals for fun.

v1kt4r 13

Ever heard of a soccer game that ended 63-0???? therez not even enough time to for this to happen Pay attention. And jus incase u still cant figure it out, this wasnt a soccer game

um, there is no goalkeepr in american football?? You're probably thinking soccer, which is not what op is talking about.

I've never heard of american football, enless your talking about handegg................and what the hell is soccer.

greenltrn2003 0

no theres no goalkeeper in american football. its 11 persons on each playing side and all of the ones on defense try to prevent goals. but #33 seriously?...I guess but l yeahh sure they're talking about 'handegg' I would have to assume. And soccer=football (to you). I think you should watch more American programming.

actually, calling soccer football makes not sense, consoderig it's played with your feet. maybe you guys should watch more British programming

Handegg is American "Football". Soccer is equivalent to your football.

Nederlander95 14

Ok stop being all butthurt about what the freaking sport is called.

Nederlander95 14

It does make sense to call soccer football. I'm not arguing either side, but I'll bet most people have no idea why American football is called football. The ball is one foot long.

Its called football because it starts with a kickoff, and the kicker's foot hits the ball.

v1kt4r 13

And this qualifies as an FML why????

LaytonexLuke 0

Because v1kt4r, they lost out on the chance to a 50 year win, were publicly humiliated and were booed off a field by THEIR crowd.

It's not really a FML, it's a YDI since they failed miserably. They let their overconfidence get the better of them and got destroyed by a school whose teams over the years have been bad.

ElMundio87 0

their crowd is made up of assholes, it's just a game...

YDI for thinking American "football" is football >.>

greenltrn2003 0 one said American football was 'football' are implying that Americans think American football would be European football, which would actually be soccer to us. Im pretty sure we realize that those are 2 different sports :-) you've been served

@#19 In America "football" is football. If I go to England I will call "soccer" football. Honestly I would here as well but everyone would think I meant "football." Same as how I'd really like to use the metric system but everyone would be like o.O And I've never been outside the USA, so I'm not some European immigrant who wishes the USA was like their old country lol.

How is it even football though? You pick it up and run with it. It's more like rugby..... hence it should be called something else. Brain damage for oversized thugs, perhaps?

Exactly. It shouldn't be called football but that's what it is called over here so if you want people to know what you're talking about you have to say football.

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#83 FTW. Also: biscuits=cookies But who really gives a damn? News flash. People on difference places name things differently. Go figure. I cant remember where exactly, but in some southern US states, if you ask for a Coke, they'll say "what kind? We have Pepsi, Sprite, Dr Pepper, etc..."

coliecole111 0

to #83, that is a lot of places in the south not just one state. for instance, my state (FL) does that for the most part. its because a lot of southern people have a sweet tooth and pepsi tastes a bit sweeter (thats what i think atleast) i mean you should see how much sugar my family (all from kentucky and georgia and florida) put in their sweet tea XD

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