By Anonymous - 17/08/2009 20:02 - Canada

Today, I ran into a guy that I had gone on a few dates with 3 months ago and slept with him a few times, but then never heard from him again. When he looked at me, I went over and gave him a hug and said "Hey, how are you, Chris?". He hugged me back and said "Hey there cutie, what's your name?". FML
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Gah, you are awkward! He obviously doesn't want to hear from you again. Why are you initiating hugs?


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2nd guys jealous?

suaveneanderthal 0

wow, sounds like you need to try harder to make a better impression in the minds of the guys you casually **** and date. YDI for sleeping meatheads ****. no wonder you didn't hear from him

LOL. Not sure who is the bigger *****.

mikakarie 0

Damn. I shouldn't even bother mentioning one night stands. I guess shit like that is cool to talk about but if you actually do it everyone freaks out and you're automatically labeled as a ****. Haha the minds of people today are so archaic. People sleep around ( not saying it's a good thing ) but don't act so ******* surprised and react so harshly.

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well, it wasn't a one night stand, technically. it's kind of different if they went out a few times, because then she obviously liked him a little bit. but you're right. it's pretty hypocritical for a woman to just **** a random guy numerous times after a few dates, but then get angry when he doesn't recognize her just because she ****** him.. deal with it, OP;you're a ****. ***** don't have relationships; they're not eve remembered. if you're gonna go around and **** guys after a date or two, be prepared for them not to know who you are

Why does everybody on this site get so judgemental when it comes to sex?

a few? a few times???!!! your a ******* ***** like a lot aof people on here. so wh cares???!!!!!!! 

terranada 3

what do u mean "FML"??? did u not expect that????

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That was my thought. A guy would remember you if you were good in the sack. On another note, are you sure it's the same guy? Could be a guy who looks the same? And has the same name...? Hmm, okay maybe not. I still stick with my first bit though.

greenltrn2003 0 pretty sure the sex was unforgettable...just her name, face, and exsistance slipped his mind. I read this wrong the first time...I thought it said 'and slept with him a couple hundred times'

But, then again, he could have been into anal, so who cares what her face looked like?

how would you reply to some random girl giving you a hug? #11

That guy is an asshole...or maybe he was drunk during those times. Who knows this day in age. The least he can do is remember someone he slept with.

Who the hell can remember EVERY person they slept with? Besides he didn't see her for 3 months, it's ok to forgets things.

Me. You're pretty shitty if you **** so many people you can't remember your lovers.

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Wow you fail. The guy didnt remember her, but he called her cutie.

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that's stupid. um. she's a woman and she's allowed to sleep with whoever she wants. it doesnt make her a ****. so all you ancient morons who say ydi for sleeping around are fat, old, and not getting laid.

Hey, 24, fyi I am NOT fat nor am I old!

#24, that totally explains ur sexy profile picture huh?

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okay seriously who does that. he hasn't called back, meaning he doesn't wanna hear from you.

Gah, you are awkward! He obviously doesn't want to hear from you again. Why are you initiating hugs?

mocohall 6

That's what you get for putting out so soon in a relationship.

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