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  Caitie_kid  |  8

Make sure she pays for at least half of every non-refundable down payment!!! I don't understand why people can't seem to figure these things out before they even say yes to an engagement!

  jessBeAqueen  |  13

some people arent ready for a serious relationship even after they do get married. everyone here is quick to blame her for commitment issues but it might in fact be op whos not ready and she just came to her senses. not enough info in this fml


No. Get serious. This isn't messed up. It's a serious issue. One month to go, all that money invested, I mean are you serious? Couldn't you figure out you weren't ready earlier? Seriously

  magnetoo  |  4

Could she earlier? Who knows, but it's kind of irrelevant - she didn't. The real question is, a month before the wedding, do you go through with a marriage you are pretty sure isn't going to work out, just because you only worked that out a month beforehand? The answer is "of course not".

Sure, this isn't great - but it's better than her having married him because it was too awkward to face the truth in a timely way.

  vintaqe  |  28

#29. It's called cold feet. Things can get carried away in the moment. It's not excusable in any way shape or form, but she did him a favor.


42, before you correct people, you should get your facts straight. The comment was "were" supposed to get married as opposed to "are" supposed to get married, which is how OP worded it. And I have been an editor for 35 years and "we're" does NOT mean "we were." Ever. The only thing worse than a grammar nazi is a grammar nazi who doesn't know grammar. I don't know why this site seems to draw so many people who flip over a misspelling or punctuation error. It's anal and it detracts from the theme and the fun. Give it a rest.


I'm not a true grammar nazi, but when I see "your" instead of "you're," it really bugs me. People are so stupid that they're mixing the two more and more, and correcting it will hopefully remind people of the difference instead of watering down the already muddy brains of our generation.

  BunnyRose  |  11

For your information, I am not a grammar Nazi. I know that we're cannot be used as we were. I meant to put jk after my comment but I accidentally hit send instead. Chill out, it's not that serious.t

  Metal_Chick  |  15

31-I agree, she pulled a bitch move. But personally, I would rather get dumped a month prior to my wedding then suffer a future of uncertainties and unhappiness. Because I doubt that a person who isn't ready to commit can be a good partner. Just saying.