By sammy77sam - 15/07/2013 13:41 - Saint Kitts and Nevis - Basseterre

Today, I told my girlfriend about my extreme fear of flying roaches. She immediately got upset because she thought, since I'm from the Caribbean, I would be "manlier" and "eat stuff like that for breakfast". FML
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It's ******* flying roaches, who doesn't have an extreme fear of them?

Wizardo 33

Well that's a ridiculous racial stereotype, you should educate her OP.


Go OP, you can do it. Show her you are the MAN!

Damian95 16

Or show her she is an idiot! But I like your idea too #1!!!

sorta_sarcastic 12

Don't avoid that great source of protein. She obviously wants what's best for you...

OP i dare you, i double dare you ************

yeah op show her your a man by eating that protein....then accuse her of not being enough of a woman when she refuses to swallow your protien ;)

TayonaC 10

my dads from Antigua and grew up around palmetto bugs; he still can't stand them.

Wizardo 33

Well that's a ridiculous racial stereotype, you should educate her OP.

Where in the world did she even get that idea? I can't imagine assuming someone eats insects based on where they're from.

Pirates of the Caribbean? I know a couple of people who had weird stereotypes based on movies.

And extremely superficial if she's upset over you not bring a "man." It's time to find someone else man.

Impress her by eating them for dinner.

HowAreYouToday 34

It would be manlier to make some for breakfast... Without any milk.

Umm, why in the world would you want to impress a b!tch? Throw her back into the sea, she's somebody else's fish/problem.

What a coincidence, so was I! I thought the whole throwing her back into the sea bit would clear that up, but if I need to be more precise in order to be understood then here: He should grab her by the ankle whip her around his head a few times, ya know, to really get some momentum. You need to make sure she clears the beach! You don't want her face-planting it. You might end up with murder charges depending on how that plays out. Did that help?

It's ******* flying roaches, who doesn't have an extreme fear of them?

Wizardo 33

He wasn't scared of them and look at him now...

Birds, or spiders, or... I could think of a few things.

Well, for one thing, there are these people called exterminators....

Bro he died from a sting ray not a flying roach....

Wow, it's amazing how often jokes fly over people's heads. #56- Did you honestly believe #10 was being serious? Are you also cynical about the fist under Chuck Norris' beard?

RedPillSucks 31

The flying roaches sicked the stingray on him.

Man, I didn't even know there was such thing as flying roaches! Screw you evolution! What will you give us next? An advanced race of humans with superhuman mathematical abilities, the ability to survive off of small grains, build any object out of plastic at will, and multiply on command?

Flying roaches turn into Radroaches and before you know it your dad is letting you shoot them in the generator room of an underground vault.

Jamerina3 10

She obviously has a bowl of stupid for breakfast every morning.

Pstraka6 20

Wait...roaches can fly?! Omg

Here in FL, we have flying roaches or Palmetto bugs. They are huge, fearless and will aim right for your face!

eeww sounds like the equivalent to the cicadas here in the north east

RedPillSucks 31

Except they're ALWAYS around, not just once every 17 years

No not necessarily, there are some that come back every year. I get tons every single summer. But yes I realize they are very different... I was just making a comparison since both fly right into your face

Enslaved-I bet you take them home, put em on glass, pull of it's wings and laugh. Just a hunch.

andrealovvve 17

There everywhere in Las Vegas where I live in the summertime! My worst enemy.. So gross!

Belthazor_fml 5

LOL!!!! Deftones fan, I assume?

Maybe you should feed some to her for breakfast.

Why the fear of roaches? To me there seem to be much worse insects out there

Aero_x 21

An interesting fact: When a roach gets into contact with a human, it flees and actually cleans itself off. The irony. I found this hilarious. We all got something that "bugs" us ;P Seriously, I'd rather run into a roach rather than a spider any day!

Seriously, Where are you guys finding these females at? Stop fishing at the stupid end of the gene pool.

It seems that they are the only girls who pay some attention to guys..... at least in the

Because you can easily get laid by the stupid ones.

If all you care about is getting laid, you don't get to complain :p