By starrybrooke - United States
Today, while working the dinner rush at my job, every single computer, credit card machine, and printer froze for an hour and a half. The reason behind this issue was a large wire ripped from the mainframe, the same wire I tripped over 20 seconds before while my boss watched. FML
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By  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

Tripping is really easy in a busy place like a restaurant, especially when stuff always ends up all over the floor. Don't sweat it and I hope you didn't take shit from anybody.

At my old job I would frequently slip on ice cubes dropped onto the floor that were nearly impossible to see with the lighting, but luckily I'd never had that happen while carrying something.

By  guitardedman  |  0

you literally did deserve that one, sorry bud.
i mean you caused the computers to crash an shit, i dont believe that could be anyone elses fault.
but i understand, that shit sucks. i cashiered once when the comps froze (someone elses fault) and had to bust out one of those credit card machines that stamps the card from the 80s
shits weak

By  PureGold  |  0

They shouldn't been keeping such important wires out there for people to trip on...especially in a restaurant, where people are rushing around carrying food and breakable things. Otherwise I'd be like you...the (first) one who trips over it and messes everything up. I really don't think this is your fault.