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  skyeyez9  |  24

Family should be his priority not getting drunk with friends. If guys don't want kids, they need to get a vascectomy asap. To avoid bringing children in this world they will soon abandon, cause they resent having to take responsibility.

  MissBoo111  |  21

well u gotta think they sound young and besides keyword in this story ......."Boyfriend" it should be husband u totally deserve it u shouldn't have had sex with him until marriage and if u where going to do it anyways u should have been either on the pill or injections and used condoms ur fault for not marrying him and then Gavin a kid

  JakeLee  |  6

I don't really understand people who say that getting married first is the best option if you have kids... marriage really doesn't mean much these days, especially in a world where divorces are becoming just as common as break ups. it's not her fault for not getting married to him first. it seems like she made a good decision not marrying him, seeing as what a douchebag he, break ups don't cost as much as divorces

  CateXOX  |  0

104- There are so many things I disagree with in your comment I don't know where to start.

Boyfriend of 4 years.
They could have just had a baby.
OP could be 30 years old for all you know.
Why should they get married if they (thought they) were in a stable, committed relationship?

Yes, if OP's ex was always this immature they should have waited before having a baby, but sex before marriage is their decision, and a path most people take now.

  jamila123  |  5

Babies don't just accidentally happen.. Only immature people have babies when they are not ready. There is such a thing as condoms and many other forms of birth control..

  milf762010  |  0

No matter what planning you do youre never fully 'ready' for a child because each child is different as is each pregnancy. Granted a 16 year old having a baby is different then a 28 year old having a baby age doesnt always mean maturity.

  bingababe  |  16

Kids are never a good reason for staying together. The children are better off in a single parent home than in a hostile one. OP will be better off on her own than with a wank who puts his mates first. If it was a bull shit excuse then she's still better off...who wants to be with a pussy who can't man up and tell the truth??? All the child would learn from this dick is that women deserve to be treated like dirt. Good riddance I say OP!!

  bingababe  |  16

Well thanks! My childhood was similar and the constant arguments and violence turned my younger sister in to a nervous wreck! It's just not healthy for children to grow up in a family where one or both of the parents are unhappy.

  cldean24  |  4

Since you don't even know that they are called drinkin buddies, it is no wonder you don't understand their dedication. -_-


161 since sarcasm and humor seem to elude the minute synapses within your brain I suggest that YOU do not procreate so as not to disturb the delicate balance of society by raising a child in your likeness.


You can't throw all guys into that category, and if every guy were like lots of girls out there who are planning a wedding after the second date, the divorce rate would be even higher than it already is. That said, OP's boyfriend should either be ready to commit or have gotten out of the relationship a long time ago. She may have used their kid together to guilt him into staying with her, which I believe would make her deserve it.

  Locoluis  |  15

Oh, I guess having a child together isn't supposed to be a commitment.

Also, best friend shmest shmiend. He's leaving the OP for that guy and was too much of a coward to confess her that he was gay.

By  perdix  |  29

Yeah, guys who regale their drinking buddies with hilarious stories of minivans, diapers and poop often get booed off stage and sent home.

He just wants to be a fun guy, and you don't need a fungi in your life right now.