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Today, I told my boyfriend that, due to my low self-confidence, all my bras are push-ups. He yelled, "EVERYTHING I KNEW IS A LIE" and stormed out. FML
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Kn0wledge123 21

The tooth fairy is real. I saw him last night. He told me to close my eyes and rub magical toothpaste out of a tube....didn't you ALL do that?! Right guys?...right?


klovemachine 24

Wait till he finds out that size (of his unit) does matter =)

He wont get that far with this attitude lol.

He's going to cry when he finds out Bieber isn't gay........

Wait, find out what about Santa?!?!?! :O

martin8337 35

Don't forget about the Easter Bunny, The Gr8 Pumpkin and Mr. Hankey. the Christmas Pooh.

*plugs ears with my la la la im not listening la la la la

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Kn0wledge123 21

The tooth fairy is real. I saw him last night. He told me to close my eyes and rub magical toothpaste out of a tube....didn't you ALL do that?! Right guys?...right?

Santa is real!!! You sit on a throne of liesss!

Bow down, bow down, before the power of Santa!

Santa's always so jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.

mxij 13

56-No, you met the Perdix Fairy

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If you don't care what anyone thinks, than you shouldn't be wearing a push up.

kathryn14 19

It's a confidence with YOURSELF issue. I don't care what people think of me, but I wear a lot of makeup so I feel more confident. It's just the way it is

They get upset when you have small boobs, then they get upset at you wearing a push up. Can never win.

inthedopeshow 17

It's nearly impossible to find a bra without tons of padding anyway. It seems like the "add two cups" bra is becoming the standard. At least they're comfy...

93 - Given how thin the fabric in women's tops are getting, the extra padding is necessary to prevent...uh..."poke-through" during sudden chills.

93, that's not the standard at my size. I'm on the larger side, I guess, but I could use some extra padding to balance out my pot belly (which will not go away with any level of fitness at any weight, so don't go there). Alas, I can barely find enough padding for 97's liking...

Smaller boobs are usually more perky and will STAY more perky for longer! :)

Agreed with #133! Small boobs are definitely a bonus. You can sleep on your stomach, they don't bounce as much, you don't have to worry about getting shirts a size bigger, etc. On a side note, you shouldn't care anyway! That's not something you can control naturally. Don't fret over it too much, but do whatever makes you happiest.

addioty 19

itty bitty tittie committee represent

93- I disagree, at my size I don't find the extra padding comfortable at all

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But her boyfriend already did!

Jake_Hale 7

OP tell him "you should be more appreciative because before we had sex I thought you were bigger. Boy... Was I disappointed" if you two had sex of course.

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I personally think he had no other option but to say something stupid and unoriginal and then storm out of the room like a baby.

slappygecko 21

He did it because boobs are filled with men's hopes and dreams.

Just when he thought he was getting a great deal, she told him. On a serious note, nobody should act that childish to someone they "Love".

well push-up bras are like a bag of chips, you open them to find that they're half empty

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A nice pair of cans doesn't hurt though

mangoboy1 19

As long as theyre there i could care less how big they are.

I agree completely! OP, it sounds like you deserve someone so much better and who respects you!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ok for your guys information.. the number is how big around.. like the size of your rib cage. the letter is what describes the boob size. so it doesnt matter if its 25, 32, 42... that doesnt say anything about how big her boobs are.

Kinda hard to find that heart under all them padded boobs.

That's actually not true. I don't know why they do it the way they do but if you go up a number and down a cup size it's actually the same size bra. For example, a 36A is the same boob size as a 34B and a 32C, with the numbers still indicating rib cage sizes.

They do it that way because the cup size is actually determined by dividing your bust circumference by your underbust circumference. :-) And this means that there's no such thing as "THE D-cup". The cup of a 30 D is much smaller than the cup of a 38 D and yet, they're both D...

I thought it was "my whole life is a lie."

I hope if you take the time to proofread the OP's comment, you'll come up with something clever on your own as well.

daesung 8

Alot of girls wear a push up bra.

mangoboy1 19

Calvin Klein boxer briefs are basically push-up bras for guys. A lot of guys wear those too.

mangoboy1 19

They make everything instantly look better.

Seriously, I have a hard time trying to find a bra that doesn't have a bunch of padding. ._.

Yes a lot of girls do, and it's false advertising. Wearing Calvin Klein underwear is one thing but stuffing them with padding is another.

false advertising? oh forgive me, I almost forgot that women are just objects that can be "sold"

Haha you can get double d's in a pushup

Don't sweat it OP. if he's worth being your boyfriend he'll quit being a drama queen. If he doesn't well, you can do better anyway.