By JealousBratMuch - 26/07/2013 00:51 - Canada - High River

Today, my eldest daughter has 'officially' removed herself from our family and will no longer communicate with any of us. Apparently it's my fault that her younger sister is having a baby before her, and she can't be part of a family that 'treats her so unfairly'. FML
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AbstraktThoughts 13

Maybe you should help her by officially removing her head from her ass.


yeah seriously, she seems to be the immature one even though shes the eldest

fishstick557 14

How does she see her logic correct in any way??

then000bster 16

Also idk where this is from(mobile ver.) but where is it so important to become the first in a family to be pregnant? Just to be the first out of your family??? You're making those chicks on teen mom look good. I feel bad for the mother who raised her kid in such a manner.

sluttyMouth 3

Just let her leave, she'll be back when no one else gives her attention.

I think she's actually taking her frustrations out on her mother . I'm the oldest and I know I would be personally upset . extremely upset . pissed off even , if my younger sister became a mother before I did . or op's daughter could be in one of those families that the youngest gets favored over the oldest .

@ 71, Well then you're as bad as OP's kid. Since when does it matter who has a kid first. Seriously. Give your head a shake.

yay thumbs down ! I finally got some . :) but no it doesn't matter to answer your question . then again you don't know my family . therefore ..

MilkyFilmz 26

Therefore, you're still an idiot.

What's up with all the bitches whining about babies/weddings lately?

zen1979 16

The OP's eldest daughter is a drama queen who removed herself from the family just because her younger sister is having a baby before her, what's so hard to understand that?

AbstraktThoughts 13

Maybe you should help her by officially removing her head from her ass.

MikeonFML 17

Yep she's just trying to find someone to put the blame on

JoeGrant 12

She'll get over it, let her do her thing and she'll come back feeling dumber than before.

Huh. I thought it was usually the youngest child that was a spoilt brat.

xninix_fml 36

Not in every case. I am the youngest in my family and no where near "spoiled."

20 - If those quotation marks are there for the reason I think they are, I just thought I'd inform you that both spoiled and spoilt are correct.

xninix_fml 36

I didn't quote for the misspelling I know that it's spelled differently in the UK. I was merely empathizing my point.

xninix_fml 36
xninix_fml 36

Her kind shouldn't be allowed to breed anyways.

Ghazzie 7

I wish I could "like" this post 2 million times.

PresAgent 23

What is it with women and competing pregnancies? Don't worry, OP, it's her loss. She'll regret it farther down the road when she has no family to turn to.

Wow. Poor OP. Jealousy is a curse.