By JealousBratMuch - Canada - High River
Today, my eldest daughter has 'officially' removed herself from our family and will no longer communicate with any of us. Apparently it's my fault that her younger sister is having a baby before her, and she can't be part of a family that 'treats her so unfairly'. FML
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  then000bster  |  16

Also idk where this is from(mobile ver.) but where is it so important to become the first in a family to be pregnant? Just to be the first out of your family??? You're making those chicks on teen mom look good. I feel bad for the mother who raised her kid in such a manner.


I think she's actually taking her frustrations out on her mother . I'm the oldest and I know I would be personally upset . extremely upset . pissed off even , if my younger sister became a mother before I did . or op's daughter could be in one of those families that the youngest gets favored over the oldest .

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Therefore, you're still an idiot.