By Anonymous - 23/08/2013 17:13 - United States - Honolulu

Today, I realized the only reason I was invited to go on vacation with my extended family was so I could babysit everyone's children while the adults go out and have fun. FML
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Now it's time to plan a really elaborate payback involving all the kids.


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Why say anything? She should just leave the children unattended

I dunno, it's not really the children's fault and they shouldn't be neglected for revenge.

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OP probably isnt 18. He/she could just leave the kids and say no to his/her uncles. OP should have known what he/she was signing up for.

I don't know how old OP is, but if they paid their own way, no babysitting. If their ticket was paid for, have fun with those kids. Next time you'll know to ask first.

Now it's time to plan a really elaborate payback involving all the kids.

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8's picture fit that comment perfectly.

put the oldest in charge, then go out and have some fun of your own!

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How about no? There's no need to leave the kids alone just so she can have fun, that's not fair to the kids She came easily have fun with the kids, and who is to say the oldest kid is old enough to watch all the other kids? You gotta think about this stuff, man

At least you live in Hawaii. It's like a vacation everyday. Seriously though, if they want to exclude you, just say no to babysitting.

They should at least be paying you! Or giving you a gift for your time and energy. Babysitting can be a tough gig.

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#6if these people would take advantage of OP without asking, they certainly are not the kind of people that will pay her or reward her for her effort.

That's when you say " okay, but I was planning to throw a party anyways, so I can't be held responsible for what they may or may not see"

ariiewilliams 17 just killed the joke before it was even born.

Call one of the adults and ask "did you say no peanuts or only peanuts? Also, how much syrup is too much at 10pm?". That will teach them.

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