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Today, I told my 13 year-old daughter that she was grounded from using her phone. Later on, I get an important call regarding a job that I have been after. After I'd picked up the phone, my daughter starts screaming, "HELP! RAPE! HELP!" on the other phone. I don't think I'll be getting the job. FML
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WOW. Since it was so ******* important (HELLO, JOB), you should punish her by making her live off of the bare minimum for at least a month - NO CELL PHONE AT ALL, basic shitty food, no new clothes, etc.

wow. you have a really messed up daughter.


wow. you have a really messed up daughter.

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bad parenting? cell phones are like caring gum around in ur pocket, everyone has one. children @ the age of 7 have phones now. the world is too corrupt for ur child not to b able to get in contact with u. teach them how n when to use their cell phone n only for emergencys. 13 yr olds are old enuff. geesh

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I don't see why a child would need a phone anyway. I didn't have a cellphone until I was 19 (and I got one only because a relative gave me their old one, not because I needed it).

you're not everyone, it's possible that a 13 year old would need one. If not, it would be more convenient for them.

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Your name is so original. Hurr durr.

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Maybe she should ground her from life....If you catch my drift ;]

I agree. You also have a stupid daughter. Her costing you a job means you have less money to pay for her food, clothes, and guess what? Her phone. Take the phone away permanently, and say it's cause money's too tight now that she ****** up that job for you.

gives you a reason to cancel her phone now instead of not letting her use it

lem0n_fml 0

Oh yes, bgpink, you're absolutely right. How did we EVER survive thousands of years without cell phones?! Everyone must have been raped and kidnapped by construction workers, right? One, don't stereotype. Two, there's just as much danger as there was twenty years ago, the media just publicizes it more than before. Cell phones AREN'T a necessity.

Kay people, it's not bad that kids have cell phones. I for one have a cell phone and even though I text and all that, I'm pretty responsible with it. It's only the stereotypical brats that freak out about cell phones like that.

Kylieerawrous 1

Well I am a teen now. I had to get a phone when I was nine BECAUSE I walked from home which was a mile [not complaining about the mile part] from home but also I live in a messed up neighborhood. By messed up I mean "Held at gunpoint" messed up. I am not even 19 yet I am a long ways from there. But still it wasnt fancy or anything.

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By the way, his name is MykeHawke, not MikeHawke. OP, take her phone, perform some sort of torturing technique on it, and make her pay for a new phone. Or just give it to someone who would REALLY need one. Kids, these days, I swear. Sure, I'm one myself, but it seems that the younger they get, the less class, respect and morals they have.

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And I had a cell phone when I was about 10. When my mother and I moved, we never got a home phone, so a cell phone was kinda necessary.

americayay 0

Agreed 71. Break the phone. In front of her. And tell her that because you didn't get the job, some other expense is going to have to go. Example, pawn her ipod.

ThUrSdAy13th 0

where'd u live, small town?!? any kid planning walking around the city by themselves or even the suburbs needs a phone. if your kids in danger or even just things dont go according to plan and they need a ride or for u to grab them something from home u want them to be about to call u for it

Ferretknows 0

I agree. I hate parents like the OP. They let their children get spoiled and then complain or bring their children in public so that other people have to suffer. In my mind having a child that doesn't at least RESPECT you would be the ultimate failure as a parent.

Give her 50 cents to use a pay phone or go into a store and ask to borrow a phone.

Im_Not_Jimmy 0

This is actually not a bad idea #72; teach her to be responsible for her actions. She may have cost you a much needed job, which in this economy is no small matter. Show her the natural consequences for her actions. She cost you a job and there for money, you need money to pay for things for her like her cell phone, no money no cell phone. She will learn real fast that way not to over react to things. Knowing that she can’t have a phone till you have a job and you dont have a job now, because of her behavior will get the message across.

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its funny that everyone defending the daughter uses text speak. "U" "ya" "lol"

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did you whupping her with a belt?

Well, that's only to be expected when she's being raped by her mother at home.

yea. If this was my kid (which would be kinda weird because im 16) i would take the phone forever, take her door from her room, and cut the cable to her room plus remove the T.V. and sell them.

Time for a good old fashioned ass whoppen!

Cassmoneyyy 15

I would literally take her off the phone plan and then break her phone in half, in front of her.

pandasaresocute 21

Her immaturity cost her mom a possibly high earning job. Kids these days. -sighs-

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I would be in prison for the rest of my life... but my daughter would be in a wheelchair for the rest of hers.

girlygirl666 0

And the "Parent of the year award goes to....."

noshitsherlock 0

WOW. Since it was so ******* important (HELLO, JOB), you should punish her by making her live off of the bare minimum for at least a month - NO CELL PHONE AT ALL, basic shitty food, no new clothes, etc.

This. Teach her what it would be like if you could not get a job

#54's advice didn't really work on me. My parents would beat the s**t out of me if I acted out or got bad grades many years ago, so I know a little bit about rewards and consequences. I didn't turn out so bad because of that. Sure, I resort to violence and take enjoyment in planning and executing revenge on people, but we're all screwed up somehow, so not a big deal. PS - My parents still beat the s**t out of me, but now I can fight back.

Just going based on my opinion and prior experiences. Obviously, I'm only one of what seems like an infinite amount of test cases, so I can only speak for myself. (Edit - I thought I was being commented on, so Do Not Pass GO! Do not collect $200) It's hard to cite anything for this type of matter, but here's what I can provide -

Learning theory doesn't work that way, 54. Teachers exclusively using positive reinforcement and negative punishment in an attempt to get unruly brats to behave often find that method barely effective if it has any affect at all. Positive reinforcement: give desirable stimulus. (eg. extra computer time) Negative reinforcement: take away undesirable stimulus. (eg. free from a chore) Positive punishment: give undesirable stimulus. (eg. scolding) Negative punishment: take away desirable stimulus. (eg. no phone) You need all four, dumbass. Way to ignore a huge chunk of basic learning theory. Go find yourself a cure for Soccer Mom Syndrome.

lem0n_fml 0

Actually, 99, psychologists have found that punishment in any form is (usually) ineffective. It's all about reinforcements, which are, yes, both negative and positive. Punishment only fixes behavior temporarily and does not establish lasting learning connections.

I think I and many people can disagree. I was punished when I did bad, and boy did I know not to do it again. If it doesn't leave a lasting impression then you're doing it wrong - like not spanking hard enough.

How about she loses the door on her room now. She can get changed in the bathroom. If she messes up again she sleeps on the floor. Etc. And don't just move the items to storage. Sell them in a garage sale, and use the money for groceries and stuff.

olliec 0

Psychologists are full of shite.

srgsrg 0

you use Youtube to get your information? Last time I checked anyone could post something on there and it be a load of crap.

kiefenator 0

give her natural consequences. for example, if a toddler complains about food, take it away. later they will whine about being hungry, you tell them that they should have ate their food. same for the cellphone.

if I did that to my mom she would scold me for an hour then hit my butt with a belt until I couldn't feel it. ur daughters a bitch op.

You overlooked the fact that no job = no money and no money = no phone... So psychologically that does say "if you do this, I'll take away this". The fact that she can get it back when she stops keeping her mom from jobs says that "when you do this, I'll reward you with this". Ya dig?

Oh, wow. You gotta teach your daughter that joking around like that is very wrong!

Skull_300 0

Yeah, and here is one way to teach her. You should of beat her a$$ while you were on the phone. Probably would have gotten the job for having a backbone.

isaiaha11 2

You should ask some friends to come and pretend to arrest you and take you away for a few days and we will she what she does then.

I say smash the phone and belt the little shit.

Here's a concept - DISCIPLINE! My parents would have taken away ALL of my stuff, after being spanked and stood in a corner for an hour. That was a horrible abuse and you have a spoiled rotten brat. You have 5 years to fix what took you 13 years to **** up. Good luck.

Haha, you just said you spanked your parents :-P

life2007 0

Agreed...put the fear into that child. My mom has never had to spank me growing up. I'm 22 yrs old and still afraid of her. I know she would've spanked me then and will still kick my ass to this day.

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noshitsherlock 0

How is that witty? Wit requires intelligence. Yeah, screaming "RAPE" is so witty!

fckaduck 0

Ugh, #8 must be one of them too... Kids these days need a good kick in the face.

and stupid adults who hates kids need a good punch in the nuts

fckaduck 0

Haha, sound intelligent... Btw, I'm only 19 myself. Also, I don't have nuts. Soo, I guess since neither of of those things apply to me, I can hate kids as much as I want? Cool.

Okay, my comment keeps disappearing. Using the word 'witty' wasn't the best choice of words, my apologies. I shouldn't try to form coherent sentences at 4am. I'm not a cashier, haha. And fckaduck, I'm one of *them*? Who are them? And, a kick to the face? Someone's a very rational person, eh?

@ 111And in the balls so they cannot reproduce.

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good on you for disciplining her. but have you ever tried doing it before? cos she REALLY didn't take it well. generally sign of a spoilt brat. either way, you control your own actions, so your daughter is a little _____. i hope you punished her BIG time. you should probably take that phone off her FOR GOOD. she clearly doesn't deserve it. contact the people, apologise and just tell them your daughter is immature?

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wtf? your daugthers retarded. send her to boarding school.