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  srztanjur  |  1

I'm going to guess that that super specific situation doesn't apply here, and that if their boss is able to essentially coerce them into staying longer, and has the authority, thereafter, to reprimand her for it, she isn't working a job where she is paid OT as a courtesy.


Even if that super-specific situation does apply, a supervisor can't COMPEL you to work overtime, then reprimand you for it. If the employer agreed to pay OT, they have almost certainly voluntarily subjected themselves to at least some of overtime law as a side-effect.

By  stormy0307  |  16

As an engineer I only get straight time overtime. I quite regularly work extra hours, but my pay doesn't increase to 1.5x my base pay, it just stays at my base pay rate. Also I only get that overtime if it's for working on a billable project, if it's just training or overhead of some sort I won't get paid for it if I go over my normal 40.

By  Mpii  |  11

Why shouldn't you have overtime? What kind of job do you do? I'm curious. Where I used to work, there were people with 100+ hrs overtime. And they could go on vacation using said overtime.

  wreckdit  |  29

A lot of part time and unsalaried posts offer OT, but the person in charge generally doesn't want to pay it for someone in those positions. They don't feel like the get their money's worth