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Today, my research partner emails me 2 hours before our deadline saying that she can't complete her half of our 20 page report because when she woke up this morning she couldn't see. How did she write the email? FML
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lol they really didnt think their excuse out :P

Why should he have to babysit her? She's old enough to do it herself without someone having to check up on her.


FYL. Turn in your half of the paper along with the e-mail she sent you saying she wasn't doing her half of the paper. I do agree with #7 though, you should have probably checked to make sure she was actually doing her part at some point before that point in time.

I can type if I was blind but finding my way to the ******* computer is a different story.

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Maybe she got someone to help her find her way to the computer and then typed blind, then?

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Typing blind is easy if you have your keyboard memorized, but clicking on parts of the screen without being able to see is damn near impossible i would think.

no, their partner emailed them saying they can't COMPLETE it. the OP could have checked on their partner the night before. idiot.

The OP's partner could have lied and said she was far along in the project. Stuff like this is the reason why I hate group projects, I'm glad I haven't had any in college so far (1st year) because I honestly do not care about someone elses grades, I'm going to college for me and my future, not them.

well, the OP could have made this WHOLE FML up! people need to stop what-iffing, and wondering who's lying, or what's not true, and enjoy this dumb FML.

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lol that's freaking hilarious

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YDI. You *could* have monitored progress all along... but chose not to

He probably thought she was mature enough to do it herself.

Why should he have to babysit her? She's old enough to do it herself without someone having to check up on her.

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I really don't think tht the supposedly blind partner doesn't need somebody checking up on her every 5 mins.

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Couldve had someone else type for her?

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or she could be a good typer like me and not need to look

she needs to see the send button and stuff like that

emails are a lot easier to type than reports, i doubt she really cared about spelling and punctuation in an email.

How would she get onto the computer, get onto the internet, go onto her mail account and send the mesaage then?

YDI for waiting until the proverbial last minute, even though your partner's an asshole. Tell your teacher what happened and he/she should be forgiving. Print out and hand your teacher the email as proof of what happened. Your teacher will probably have a good laugh on it, but that's your partner's problem, not yours.

She trained a mouse to write and send that e-mail. YDI for being an idiot.

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