By Kristinmarsh08 - 29/10/2010 12:02 - United States

Today, I texted my dad and told him I was getting married in five months. His reply? "I gotta work that day." FML
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YDI for texting him that. If you're gonna tell your dad you're getting married, at least call him, FFS.


I'm pretty sure he meant work that day as in work the dance floor at your reception. Don't feel bad.

Sounds like OP has a relationship problem with her dad. Try to fix that first. FYL, OP!

YDI for texting him that. If you're gonna tell your dad you're getting married, at least call him, FFS.

Tbf, they could've been engaged for awhile and just recently set a date. If that isn't the case, though, I totally agree with you.

Even if they had been engaged for a while and finally set a date, I still think it's stupid that she decided to text her dad to let him know instead of calling to tell him.

AME is very anti-text. Unless the OP's dad is (very) hard of hearing and had no way of seeing him in person anytime soon, then I would text him. Other then that, it seems a little inappropriate.

#2: Agreed, even if YDI is maybe too much. Hopefully the dad wasn't serious.

@16 So nowadays it's inappropriate to call a family member to notify them of big news instead of texting? SMH.

Well, your dad sounds like a douche. Don't let him visit your children. I gotta feeling he'll be working during your kid's birthdays too.

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What if he is a business man and has an important business trip, he could potentially have something planned that far ahead, my Dad is a chemist for Johnson and Johnson and his Blackberry's calender is scheduled for the next 6 months.

#18 you got a point that he may be a business man. But if it turns out he isn't since there is lots of jobs where you don't know your schedule that far ahead than I would start to question things plus 5 months is plenty of notice for booking a day off.

Agreed. It's a crap way for a bride/groom to announce an impending marriage to his/her parent.

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clearly the op wasn't anywhere close to being dayman. Dayman. fighter of the nightman. champion of the sun. he's a master of karate and friendship for everyone.

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37, thank you for inspiring me to go watch that episode.

I guess daddy doesn't like your hubby-to-be

The real FML would be if OP Literally said "5 months" and the dad replied saying that he couldn't make it. I'm curious now.

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Make sure you stick him with the bill for an extra-expensive wedding . . . like one on a boat.

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I agree with you, the best part is that those five months give her father enough time to say he's not going to pay for her all-inclusive boat wedding. She can publish another FML about it and the circle will be complete!

Unless she steals his credit card, I don't see any wedding organizer putting someone else on a tab.

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Haha, so many asshole fathers on FML.