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  redbluegreen  |  40

AME is very anti-text. Unless the OP's dad is (very) hard of hearing and had no way of seeing him in person anytime soon, then I would text him. Other then that, it seems a little inappropriate.

  kofinater  |  3

What if he is a business man and has an important business trip, he could potentially have something planned that far ahead, my Dad is a chemist for Johnson and Johnson and his Blackberry's calender is scheduled for the next 6 months.

  Jenmic  |  14

#18 you got a point that he may be a business man. But if it turns out he isn't since there is lots of jobs where you don't know your schedule that far ahead than I would start to question things plus 5 months is plenty of notice for booking a day off.

  Sinkhole  |  26

I agree with you, the best part is that those five months give her father enough time to say he's not going to pay for her all-inclusive boat wedding. She can publish another FML about it and the circle will be complete!