By Anonymous - 08/05/2015 13:51 - United States - Pottstown

Today, I thought it would be funny to fart next to my brother in the car. Apparently, his carsickness is exacerbated by strong smells. I now know what it feels like to have lap full of vomit. FML
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Fart smell and vomit smell, hopefully wasn't a long car ride

Hate to say it but you deserved itOP


Aw that's nasty... Vomit smell never leaves from a car. Summer is coming and that heat is gonna make it stink! I guess now you know not to fart in the car LOL

You better hope the seat covers come off to be cleaned. YDI. Btw, Love your picture

Winter is coming*

#46 that could b possible if u were living in another planet !!

#54 or Australia...

lol #54 seems to have forgotten that people living in one hemisphere will have opposite seasons than in the other hemisphere.

what the hell kind of profile picture is that xD

It's a game of thrones reference. Not talking about weather on any hemisphere

I hope you weren't a sympathetic puker... That sounds very unpleasant!

Unpleasant may be a bit of an understatement.

"Bit of an understatement" might be quite the understatement.

"quite the understatement" might be a rather appropriate statement

Yeah, that never ends well. Hope you aren't a sympathy puker...

Fart smell and vomit smell, hopefully wasn't a long car ride

When's the last time you shat? YDI but I definitely would have done the same thing as you. Haha

Hate to say it but you deserved itOP

YDI For being a dickhead to your brother.

Time to roll the window down

And maybe add an air freshener or two, or ten...

time to buy a new car

#47 and it would b better if it was convertible !!

A lap full of vomit may still be better than underwear full of poop.