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Today, my girlfriend asked me where I've always wanted to settle down, and I told her that Italy had always appealed to me. She snorted and told me what a bad idea that was, because "you don't speak French". FML
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funny cause that's not even close to her name. why seek attention. and BTW i just found out she has a learning disability

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Well about 14% of people living in Italy speak French but other than that, I don't know what else I can give her for that.

Stupid people. Stupid people everywhere


Well about 14% of people living in Italy speak French but other than that, I don't know what else I can give her for that.

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Hopefully this 14% is only made up if really fun people.

#1 you can give her an atlas

Not gonna lie my comment is stupid and I dare you to dislike it

#34 an atlas is a book of maps -_- it doesn't tell you what language is spoken in specific countries

59 I think that was the joke

Is she pretty at least? She has to have something going on for her if she is like Jillian from family guy for you to be with her.

My atlas does have maps that show you which languages are spoken in which country :)

I'm Italian... 14% are the persons who understand a bit of french... But I think only 2% really speaks antother language. In Italy, people don't care about other languages, sadly.

#1 is right. Im in italy on vacation right now and there are alot of french people. But there is waaay more americans and british people.

#81 It depends where in Italy, really. If you're quite far away from the French border, then you're probably right.

Well maybe she is hot? Props dude. My gf is dumb af. But she's sweet and such.

Stupid people. Stupid people everywhere

Right? Apparently OP makes all sorts of "stupid" decisions ...

Except for Italy, where they apparently refuse to move for linguistic reasons.

Shartie 16

This story will become a pizza history!

I don't know. If you Rome far enough, I'm sure you'd find more impressive things. And Ve-nice—we don't know how old this girl is. When I was younger, I once thought a Hebrew choral piece was Italian just because the composer was.

Eh just dont throw rocks at them cardinals.They won't fly away

Um.. Did she even go to school?

Que lástima (yes this is a joke, relax)

meli1195 31

Um what

Because we were all up in arms over what you said?

No, it's making a joke that they speak Spanish in Italy. That one went right over your heads lol

Laurenlou 24

#40 "Qué lástima" is Spanish for "what a shame/pity." The joke that #5 is making is that this is Spanish, not French or Italian. 5 knows the difference, but OP's girlfriend most likely wouldn't! Hopefully she doesn't think that its all the same if its not English.

meli1195 31

Yes I know, im a native Spanish speaker, but I just didn't find it funny

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Why Hawaii?

Don't they speak Hawaiian?

...But the sushi is great in Italy!

gjikvtj 18

Japanese pizza... so good

Well shes an idiot :p i hope youre not planning on taking her with you. do you atleast speak italian? If not, no worries you can learn. Italy's beautiful :)

Oh the irony... And the stupidity. It hurts.

Nothing about this is ironic?

It's ironic that the stupid girlfriend is the one calling other people stupid.

...Except OP's girlfriend didn't call anyone stupid. She said it's a bad idea because he can't speak French. Definitely a stupid comment, just not ironic.

It just seemed to me to be ironic. The girlfriend snorting at the idea and responding degradingly just seemed ironic, trying to be the smart one about it...while actually making a fool of herself. If you disagree, you know what? That's fine. This is the internet and you're entitled to your opinion (as long as it doesn't suck, objectively)

Agree with 75. She didn't just state that he shouldn't go to Italy, she snorted and scoffed at the the idea, meaning it's pretty obvious that she, of all people, thought OP stupid. Irony is about expectations and opposite. OPs girlfriend is the last person you'd expect to be mocking others but I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

Valid perspective, boating guy :) I was speaking more to doodlecloud's comment, but I can see where you guys are coming from.

She must be really pretty, because you obviously didn't pick her for her high IQ.

actually i just found out she has a learning disability and she didn't tell me cause her past boyfriends dumped her for it and she didn't wanna lose me

What's with all the pretender trolls today...? Either way, learning disabilities tend not to really work that way...they may affect socialising or memory or literacy or whatever but they don't actually make people stupid.

I'm not trolling I'm being serious.

She could have an incredibly high IQ. It has nothing to do with knowledge.

74, IQ and knowledge are really closely related to one another. Your IQ describes the amount of knowledge you can gather and the speed at which you do this. So for almost everyone above the age of 12, an obvious correlation has been established between the two. Now, granted, a high IQ does not mean that the knowledge you acquire is broad and covering many topics. It could be very specific and only about a field of work that you enjoy. However, knowing that Italians don't speak French is something that every mildly intelligent person knows, as long as they've at least heard of the existence of the two countries.

They are really not closely related. IQ tests are all about logic. Einstein was famously unable to answer the question 'what is the speed of sound in air?' in a general knowledge quiz and his IQ was extremely high. Although it's unlikely this is the case for her, it may have just not been something she has come across. Like Switzerland for example does not speak Suiss but mainly a mixture of French, Italian and German so it's really not that awful a mistake. She may not have had the best education in the world or a background where she could regularly access a tv which is where many people learn more about other countries. One (however big) gap in knowledge does not equal a low IQ.

Now girls!!! Stop fighting!!!