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Today, while at an amusement park my husband left me to walk with all of our friends because he said that I moved too slow. I'm pregnant. FML
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ok...first...this trip had been planned by our church almost a year in advance, so everyone already had their tickets to go. second...there were about 5 other people in our group that didn't like riding rollar coasters so we all went on the boat rides and the train rides, and to the shows. options were go to the amusement park and hang out with friends all day, or sit at the office for half the day and then go home by myself and do nothing. fourth...i don't understand how deciding to have a child with your husband makes you a ****. can anyone explain that to me? oh, and by the way being pregnant may make you slow, but it doesnt make you boring. boring would have been staying at the house doing nothing all day.

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thats mean of him.. i would give him hell when you guys got home.

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you cant have a miscarraige by walking around or riding the slow rides. i said we were walking through the park, not riding a roller coaster. why dont you pay attention?!?


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thats mean of him.. i would give him hell when you guys got home.

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well, screw your husband for leaving you alone when he obviously knew you were pregnant. he should have told his friends the reason why you were going so slow and shouldve asked his friends to either deal with it or go ahead and he and you will catch up. that being said, why were you at an amusement park; you are pregnant and you are going to an amusement park only to sit down and watch your husband and his ride on rollercasters, because im pretty sure they wouldnt let you on the rides.

wow that really does suck and i hope you said something about the way you were being treated. All the people who're saying why were you at an amusement park if you're pregnant, well she can go there if she wants as long as she's not on the rides and there are really slow rides that she could actually ride if she really wanted to( being pregnant doesn't mean you're handicap, I've seen pregnant women who look like they're ready to pop at the gym doing the exercises they still can without any harm to them or the baby). Plus there are other things at an amusement park like shows, shops, food etc, Also what is it with the people who keep generalizing and coming up with scenario on their own to make it sound like she deserved it. How about this one for you guys, maybe she had to go because her husband and friends actually asked her to and she thought it would be better than her sitting at home. Maybe she wanted to spend time with her husband and like the dick he is, all he wanted was to go to the amusement park instead of being generous towards his pregnant wife.

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I am not necessarily saying that she deserved that kind of treatment from her husband―she didn't. I'm just saying that she has to pay whatever the amount of money was to get in the park, just to go on slow, kiddie rides. I mean what does she expect??? She's carrying a baby, she's not going to be able to walk as fast as the others, and I'm pretty sure her husband and his friends do not want to spend the day or their money on slow rides. And she can't go on fast roller coaster rides, because she is very likely to get sick, and there is a chance that it could hurt the baby, and then if that happened, they would all have to leave, which would be a complete waste. It would only make sense if she went to the park with one of her friends who agreed to come along and stick by her. And I know she can do other things like eat and see shows, but then what's the point of sticking with the group and complaining like she is, unless they all decide to go see shows. If I were the OP, and I was given the choice of going to an amusement park to watch my husband and friends go on rides, while i sit down and watch them have fun, or go eat and see shows, OR stay home, have friends over, or even have some alone time (because once the baby comes, there's no such thing), I would stay home (and staying home doesn't have to be the only option, btw). The husband was wrong for treating her that way, as I previously posted, and as aggravting as it was, he should have asked them to slow down or he couldve told them to go ahead and the OP and her husband would catch up i don't normally write so much, and i didn't even realize this as I was writing lol.

ydi big time no one cares youre pregnant so stop complaining

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Agree with wow18 on this one, but people always look for reasons to say YDI. She's pregnant and she wanted to go to the amusement park. Just because you would have done differently doesn't mean she should have been dismissed by her husband like that. Her husband should have been patient and walked with her even if it was at a slower pace. We haven't been given all the details, but I'm pretty sure he had something to do with her getting pregnant... or at least consented to it. He should be considerate of her condition and the limitations it brings.

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Pregnancy doesn't slow you down that much unless you're in the last two months. If she's in the last two months and going to an amusement park for the day, she has to expect she'll get left behind at some point.

YDI for getting pregnant and therefore over-populating the planet when you give birth.

I think it's an FML because her husband is inconsiderate and a YDI because she is too. Just an opinion.

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number #126: thats exactly what i just said. (sorry don't mean to be rude) I said the husband should have asked his friends to walk slower or tell his friends to go ahead and walk with the OP even if it is at a slower pace

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I think she was at the amusement park because she wanted to spend time with her husband and their friends. It doesn't make sense to say, "what were you doing there?" because it insiunates that she didn't belong. Being pregnant is a temporary diasbility and at the workplace, they would allow her reasonable accommodations. Friends are pretty well expected to do the same - what if a friend were oncrutches or something? Wouldn't true friends walk slower or carry things? If they don't have time to wait for OP, then they don't have time to be there.

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130 to even it out we could kill idiots like you

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tht doesn't make sense dumbass she didn't eat A baby so how is she wht she ate? she's walkin slower cause she's Pregnant not cause she's fat like uu

ydi. why the hell woul you go to an amusement park pregnant?

Wtf!? How does she deserve it for having sex, she's married!?

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exactly..whats the point of sitting there and watching other people go on the rides and have fun? ydi.

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I agree with the 3 people above me. There is no point of going to an amusement park if you are pregnant.

i actually don't agree with you. just because she is pregnant doesn't mean she has to sit around her house all day. besides, maybe she just wanted to spend time with her husband and friends, no big deal.

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I don't get why everyone voted these down. It's true. Why would you go to an amusement park if you're so pregs you can't keep pace with the group? It's a waste of money if you just want to spend time with friends and family. You can do that somewhere else that doesn't involve a lot of walking and subjecting yourself and your baby to a hot sun. You're supposed to avoid overheating during your pregnancy, anyway.

I agree completely. I'm sorry, but if you're pregnant enough to be slowing everyone down, you have no business being at an amusement park. If you wanted to spend time with your friends, you could have picked somewhere else. I'm sure I'll be buried because some assholes can't stand anyone who doesn't agree with them. YDI

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Wow, you're all jerks! Maybe she wanted to spend some time with her husband and decided to go to the amusement park? There are OTHER things to do at amusement parks aside from going on the rides. And just because she is pregnant, doesn't mean she's going to sit around the house all day! OP, sorry to hear that. That's mean of him to do. And you do NOT deserve it.

Well, I guess, if she is very pregnant, then she wouldn't have to be there, but her friends and husband also could have been a little bit considerate in her condition. In my opinion...

lol true, but when i was younger my parents brought me to the amusement park but didnt go on any of the rides..

YDI for going to the park while pregnant, and dont complain about something you had a choice in

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"There are OTHER things to do at amusement parks aside from going on the rides." #96: Like what? Eat unhealthy food that probably isn't the best thing for the baby? Inhale second-hand smoke? Go-Carts are a no-preggo ride so that's a no-go. Roller-skating probably wouldn't be wise. There really isn't much else.

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yeah, why would someone want to go out with their friends. People who dont drink get to go out to bars, I don't see why a pregnant woman can't go to a theme park. I hope all the people saying she deserved it end up stuck at home many nights with a kid/pregnant and arent invited out because they would 'slow everyone else down'. The husbands just lucky he isnt the one with the physical limitations of being pregnant, hes just selfish. OP in no way deserves this.

Amuesment parks arn't the only sorces of entertanment, they could have gone to the zoo or had a pinic or seen a movie or just go to a resturanut, there are many things in this world to do beside either "sit around at home" or "ride every freaking fun and awesome ride at the brand new SUPER THEMEPARK OF AWESOMENESS!!!

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Guys c'mon. How do you know she had a final say in the matter? They probably voted on it and most of them voted for going to a theme park. So OP could only either stay at home, or go with them. Which do you you'd prefer?

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Depending on what stage of her pregnancy she's in, she can ride the rides and it won't harm the baby. But going by the fact that's she's walking slow, I'm going to assume she's in the later stages of pregnancy. And the lap bars would harm the baby at this point.

Jeez, how did he become your husband if he treats you like that?

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oh, come on. he probably didn't just leave her. he just walked ahead because he got tired of walking with someone who was walking that slow. it's not a big deal. i mean, i would get annoyed, but it's not a big deal. honestly, why would you go when you can't really go on any of the rides and would pretty much slow everyone else down anyway?

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What an assfuck, kick him in the balls and tell him to carry the baby if your too slow for him.

She can go to an amusement park, no harm in that, as long as she doesn't do any of the rides. Maybe she just wanted to hang out with her friends?

Your husband AND your friends thought that this was acceptable behavior? Sounds like you need an upgrade on both.

Indeed. And how are they your friends if they leave you all alone at an amusement park? When I go somewhere with friends, we wouldn't even think of leaving anyone behind, except to go on a ride they don't want to do.

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why are you at an amusement park if your prego you can't ride half of the rides?

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The point is to teach the husband a lesson, not kill him.