By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was playing rugby. I was tackled very hard at the end of a play, and I got up to find my head bleeding profusely. Not one person offered to drive me to the ER. I had to drive myself to get six stitches in the face. FML
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  obesemaurice  |  0

dude it really depends where the game is. i played a game out in the middle of nowhere several hours from home and we went there in a bus. that game i broke my nose busted open my eyebrow and got studded in the arm. I kept playing till the end and waited till we got home to see anymore professional help than the blokes on the sideline. i rkn the op's a wuss and should probably play a game a bit softer. possibly netball?

By  Jimboom  |  11

Yikes. Thats very poor show from your friends. Get some payback next time from whoever tackled you at least. Also take some comfort in the fact that you at least play a real mans game unlike some other ballgames where they kick it with their feet. ;)

  sydmarie  |  0

wow so original.
I play on a girls rugby team and not one of us is gay and on our boys team not one of them is gay either.
grow a fucking brain and stop hating in people who are different from you.